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Posted on Friday, July 27th, 2007 at 3:59am CDT by e38d63a2

Company: Tata Indicom - Bad customer service

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I may be just another dissatisfied customer writing this complaint in shear


But I would like to draw your attention towards the mismanagement in the

customer care service that Tata Indicom maintains. When you call their

customer care, they certainly come forward with an "We Care" attitude but

take a closer look, it's just the same old "Protocol" they maintain, which

they read out from a 'Script" that's given to them, which gets logged in as

yet another "Complaint Number"=85 just to conclude with a sweet voice that

says "Sir, our field technician/engineer will get in touch with you within

24 hours".

Here's the number of complaints that I have filed since the time I opted fo=


a Tata Indicom services. The connection was taken on 3rd March 2007. The

tariff plan is Power On & On 6 =96 256 for an amount of Rs. 6,061/-


5th March '07 =96 1824182

7th March '07 =96 1840308

8th march '07 =96 1848950

10th March '07 =96 1862080

12th March '07 =96 1875806

5th April '07 =96 2068362

7th April '07 =96 2077204

5th June '07 =96 2585300

22nd June '07 =96 2751548

13th July '07 =96 2960908

23rd July =96 A Gentle Reminder

The outcome is the same, a friendly voice as always claiming to resolve the

problem in 24 hours. However, this time they have asked time for 10 working

days, as the problem is due to a 'Trunk Cable Cut'. So, the endless waiting

never ends. That's Tata Indicom's Customer Service for you.


Vickram Swamy


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