Tesco Opticians, Romford, Gallows Cnr, Shortsighted

Posted on Thursday, July 26th, 2007 at 12:36pm CDT by f952859b

Company: Tesco Opticians, Romford, Gallows Cnr, Shortsighted

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Shortsighted Tesco Opticians, "very little help"

About one year ago I had my eyes tested at the above store with state of the art equipment by an efficient and courteous staff and quickly received my new reading glasses.

I now live in California and have lost these reading glasses, requiring a faxed prescription which any opticians in the UK will happily send.

Tesco will not fax the prescription because it is international even though these calls often cost less than a local call:

In addition, they have not mailed the prescription when politely requested, to a friend in London who can fax it! (The friend cannot receive faxes but can send them).

A new uneccesary eye test here will now cost me $150.

Please post the above information on the web

Best Wishes

Stuart Johnson

2899 helmsley drive

San Jose

CA 95132

415 342 5771 office

650 575 5644 cell


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