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Posted on Thursday, July 26th, 2007 at 12:40pm CDT by 73ad4b50

Company: GE Money Bank/Empire Today

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GE Money Bank, Kettering OH/Empire Today

This complaint is made to help other consumers who may consider dealing =

with GE Money Bank or Empire Today. Per an agreement through the Better =

Business Bureau, for overcharging and poor quality of workmanship on =

hardwood flooring, I was issued a $4100 refund, from Empire Today. This =

transaction had taken numerous months of poor customer service, and =

unreturned phone calls from Empire before it was finally settled. I =

had orginally financed the flooring through Empire's one year interest =

free offer, through GE Money Bank. At the time of my refund I had paid =

the balance in full, but Empire said it was their policy to issue me a =

refund by crediting my account with G E Money Bank. I was not in favor =

of this arrangement and asked how long it would take to receive my =

money and was told by Empire to give them 10-14 business days to receive =

my refund. When it did not arrive in this time frame I called GE Money =

Bank, whose customer service is located in India, making it very hard to =

communicate. The first person I talked to told me I would get my money =

in seven days. When this did not happen I again called G E Money Bank, =

and this time I was told that since it was such a large amount of money, =

it would take 30-40 days for my check. I asked them why so long since =

it was not their large amount of money, but mine. I also said I was =

sure it would not be acceptable if I owed them the money and decided not =

to send it for 30-40 days. I asked to talk to a supervisor, who was =

also very hard to understand, who also said it would be 30-40 days. I =

called a few days later and said I was not willing to wait the 30-40 =

days for my money and asked to talk to someone in the United States. =

She very rudely, told me she would transfer me to the US. This bank is =

also associated with GE products, and I was currently looking at buying =

a G E front loading washer and dryer, but after talking to the US =

customer service who treated me so rudely, I was glad that I had not =

made that purchase yet. I eventually got my money on their time frame =

but I will never again do business with Epire Today, G E Money Bank, or =

own any GE product and would advise everyone else to stay away from =

these businesses also.

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4a9001b5, 2007-08-16, 04:39PM CDT

Thank you for your submission. Empire is

dedicated to providing excellent customer service to every customer. We

are pleased that you were satisfied with your installation/sales

call/customer service experience/etc. Although we have collaborated with

a finance co. so that our customer can exercise many option to be able

to move forward with the home improvement upgrades they feel is

necessary, they are their own entity. Their customer service phone

centers are in no-way linked to us at all.

You can call their 1-800 number and ask

for a supervisor or manager so that your concerns will be addressed and

hopefully they can resolve them for you. Your feedback will be shared

companywide. We at Empire Today, LLC are very sorry about the

inconvenience and thank you for shopping at home with Empire Today. We

sincerely appreciate your business.

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