ICICIprulife Computerized system failure

Posted on Sunday, July 22nd, 2007 at 8:54pm CDT by ef031433

Company: ICICIprulife Computerized system failure

Category: Other

Dear Head Customer support,

I suppose your computer system is not capable to handle data, my data is corrupted by your dba administrator,

1. the system has generated same client id to different persons,

2. which results that his policies are reflected in my account and of course my policy might had reflected in his

3. the address is changed,

4. my all the fund value and switches got disturbed

5. my fund value gone far below

6. no correct information

7. Customer support very poor

correct it before my mind says that i should spread this through out world that ICICIprulife is not capable to handle their customer data which can result to loss to customers. I suppose you should contact me and correct my problem.


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