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I subscribed June 13, 2007 to their high speed internet service.. Due to =

circumstances, we later decided to move to a town 10 miles from here. I =

called earthlink to transfer the service and was told they do not have =

high speed internet in my new area. I asked to cancel my account and was =

told I would be charged the termination fee of $145. I said I thought it =

is unfair to charge that penalty fee when they do not have the same =

service available in the new location. Some one who said she is a =

supervisor told me that is earthlink's policy. I told her I was never =

informed of this when I signed up, and did not read in any of the =

information that the fee would be charged if the service could not be =

provided in the new location. She remained adamant, so I have to pay =

that fee. I went to their website and after scrolling down through many =

pages of legalese, found a few lines about terminating when moving - =

buried so far down that most people would not plow through it all - =

which earthlink likely knows. The legalese was designed to protect =

earthlink, not the consumer. I also had problems getting the proper =

tech help, and the speed was slow. I would not recommend earthhlink to =



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