2002 BMW 330i convertible

Posted on Saturday, July 21st, 2007 at 12:08pm CDT by 3833dd92

Company: 2002 BMW 330i convertible

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I have a 2002 BMW 330i convertible. Yesterday (7/20/2007) I was driving on

an expressway in Baltimore, Md when my car stalled. The highway was

extremely busy and my husband and I are lucky we did not get killed. There

were several lights (error lights) lit up, eml, check engine soon, brakes

and one more like a triangle. I called the nearest BMW dealer and was told

to bring the car or tow the car to them. After I shut off the ignition and

restarted the car, I could drive about 25 mph to the dealer.

After putting the car on a computer they told me it was a problem involving

the wiring harness and the throttle body and it would cost $ 1700.00 to

repair. After having many cars in my life time, I questioned why I had never

heard of this repair before and why was it so expensive. My car was out of

warranty last year. I left the car, got a loaner from the BMW dealer and

went home. I got on the internet and found so many people had the same

problem with their BMW that I called BMW directly. They did not assume the

responsibility, but said they would talk to the dealer and get back to us.

In 8 minutes I got a call from the dealer saying that BMW would be paying

the $ 1000.00 for the parts, but we would still have to pay for the labor ($

700.00) and now we could not have a "loaner car". You may say, this is a

good thing, but from the TBS (technical bulletin) that BMW had given their

dealer in 2003, they should have paid for the entire problem, not just the

parts. Why was this not a recall? Why wasn't I notified there was a

potential problem? Do a certain amount of people have to die from something

like this before there is a recall?

I am incensed at this whole deception. What else is wrong with my car that I

do not know about? Does anyone have a suggestion relative to this problem?

Thank you for letting me vent my anger!


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