Credit Protection Association, Charter Communications.

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Company: Credit Protection Association, Charter Communications.

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Charter Communications, Wallace, NC

I received a letter in the mail from Credit Protection Association about =

a $307.07 payment due to Charter Communications. I refuse to pay any =

debt I owe to Charter due to the time spent, stress caused, and money =

lost from days taken off work waiting around for they're horrible sub =

contractors and charter technicians. Let me inform you from beginning to =

end my relationship with Charter.

I purchased my first house in Wallace, NC in February. Closed on the =

house at the end of February. 2 months before the closing I had =

contacted Charter about availability of they're cable internet services =

for that property. They had to do a inspection of the property to find =

out wither it was possible or not as the property is a hundred feet or =

so from the nearest street. They informed me they would call me back =

once they found out the results. After that first phone call, I wait =

over 1 month for a return phone call that I never received. I call again =

and go thru the same hoops again to find out the test was never done and =

they had to go do it again. Again I was told to wait for a phone call =

with results. Again I waited until the day of closing and decided to =

call them again. During this call I found out the answer was no, but not =

only did they say the answer was no, they inspected the wrong house. I =

again had them come out and inspect the property this time giving them a =

very exaggerated description of the property where I wanted this =

service. Please note that every single time I called Charter, I was on =

hold for at least 30 minutes at a time, and transferred at least 2-5 =

times at this point before the call was finally finished. Finally after =

2-3 months I get a yes and they set my account up to come hook up the =

line to the house. They give me a install date and tell me to be home =

between am-5pm on that date. 12pm comes around on that date and some kid =

shows up at me door with a cable modem and some coax cable in hand and =

says "I'm here to hook up your internet." I look at him confused as if =

the guy was "The Flash" and had already hooked up my cable line, and I =

say to him, you already hooked up the cable line? Then he looks around =

and goes "" So I try to stay calm and say to him "Aren't you =

going to hook up the cable line today?" and he says "No, I was called =

here to hook up your cable modem" and I reply with "Well ya can't really =

do that without having cable at the house now can ya?" and I ask him =

when can he get it done and he replies with in 4 weeks. I look at him =

like WTF? Here is this kid with a Ford Ranger with a big spool of coax =

in the back and tools in a belt wrapped around his waist and he can't =

hook up my cable? So I lose it and tell the kid to get off my property =

and don't come back till he is ready to hook up my cable. So I walk back =

in, call up Charter Communications and tell them what happened. (Please =

note I was on the phone for at least 2 hours during this call and =

transferred at least 5 times and talking to god knows who in =

Afghanistan) so he reschedules the hookup date (yet again for am-5pm on =

that date) and decides to wave my install fees for my troubles (after I =

had to ask him several times to do so). 2 weeks later the utility guy =

comes to mark up my yard like he should have over a month ago. Then =

another week later the same dumb kid shows up at my door to hook my =

cable lines up. The entire time this kid is here, he's complaining about =

how late he is to his next job and how he wishes for this and that. Not =

only does he do a sloppy job installing the cable around my house with =

the lines drooping all over the siding, but 2 weeks later I have to call =

up Charter again due to really shitty internet quality due to excessive =

packet loss and slow speeds, and there is really bad ghosting or =

something going on with the TV channels. (Please note this time I was on =

the phone for at least 3 hours and transferred over 15 times and ended =

up talking to Hung whoever in China this time). This time they send out =

a actual Charter technician who knows what the hell he is talking about. =

He is polite, and the only person who works for Charter who seems to =

give a damn about his job and knows what hes doing. He tells me hes been =

going behind that kid redoing all his work cause he never does it right. =

Everything is all dandy and I am happy again...for the moment. Please =

note that I got Charter for they're internet services as I am a PC =

technician and I need the internet. I do not watch much TV if any at =

all. I get a busy month to where I work from am-9pm never being home. I =

get home and realize the problem with the internet is still there and =

just as bad. I never notice anything going on with the TV cause I never =

watch it. It goes on for another month like this and one night my girl =

gets home from work, and turns on the TV to watch American Idol and =

cant. Its the ONLY channel we cant get and its the ONLY thing on TV that =

she cares to watch. She is obsessed with those "lets see who is last to =

vote off" shows. I get pissed off and call up Charter again. I am on the =

phone with these guys for 4+ hours total. The first two hours I try to =

keep my calm as much as possible, and not say anything negative other =

than I am having problems can you come fix it, and I get hung up on. I =

really have no clue whatsoever as to why I get hung up on. This happens =

another 4 times before I get seriously ill and want to cut someone's =

head off. Every single time I call these people back I have to reenter =

my phone number, go thru a string of "press 1 for this, 2 for that" and =

stay on hold for at least 30 minutes. It gets to the point to where I =

instantly start cussing these people out I'm so pissed off. I eventually =

cool down and call them back. To put it short, they say they'll have a =

tech come out between am-5pm on this date and that I have to take off =

work to make sure he can come in and do his job. So I take that day off =

and reschedule my service calls for the next day for my job. The Charter =

technician never shows up. I call up Charter and ask them what the hell =

happened and I tell them that I lost out on $400 worth of work because I =

took this day off. They don't care of course and I end up scheduling =

another call for a tech to come out to my house. 4 days later a tech =

finally comes out to my house. But by this time I owe Charter for a =

month or two of "service." and he just happens to come out on the date =

they decide to cut my services off, and they wont turn it back on for =

him to troubleshoot till I pay them $200 for services. So I get in this =

heated conversation with some Yokohama in Japan about this vicious =

circle they're business runs in. The circle goes like this "I order =

services for x dollars at charter, and they get the services up and =

running, yet not a single day do the services ever work right without =

something going wrong, so technically I cant even use these services =

they charge me for, so why would I want to pay for services I am not =

getting?, yet they refuse to credit me for these services and expect me =

to pay these services that I am not even getting, so eventually they =

just cut me off and expect me to hand out money for nothing in return" I =

eventually pay the guy and the services come back on instantly. The =

technician ends up telling me all he can do is go to the pole outside =

and turn up the power on the amp and thats it. He leaves and I guess he =

goes and does that. It did helped, a very little bit. This time it =

changes it so that instead of having horrible internet all the time, I =

only have internet right after 5pm until 3 or 4am in the morning, every =

single day of the week. By this time I am so pissed off and frustrated =

with this horrible excuse for a company I call up Embarq. Within 3 weeks =

Embarq and Dish Networks have all my services hooked up and I am happily =

paying my bill with them. Right after first calling Embarq to get my =

services started, I call up Charter to cancel my services. By this time =

I owe them a months worth. I explain my story (for like the 6th time to =

Jin Kang or whatever he name is in Nigeria) I tell him I refuse to pay a =

penny for this and that they should be owing me money for the time I =

took off work to deal with this crap that shouldn't be happening in the =

first place. He tells me he clears my account of any charges and that he =

will ship me a UPS return label for the cable equipment. I tell him he =

better ship a box with it too cause I don't leave boxes sitting around =

for times like this. Well its been almost 3 months now and I am very =

happily an Embarq/Dish Networks customer and I get a letter in the mail =

today from "Credit Protection Association, L.P." telling me I owe them =

$307.07, as so:

Service balance: $67.01

Collection Fee: $12.06

Equipment at: $228.00

So I call the 800-955-776 number on this letter (which leads back to =

Charter again, "DAMNIT!") and end up talking to some lady who then until =

after I describe my story to her once again, transfers me to LunChow in =

Korea, for me to discuss my billing errors to. I tell the guy I am not =

going to pay this and that the last guy told me it was all removed from =

my account and that he would send me a shipping label which never came. =

Mr. LunChow or whatever his name is, promptly tells me he cannot clear =

my account and that nobody there would be able to do that for me. I even =

ask for a supervisor and Mr. LunChow responds with even a supervisor =

wont be able to help you. So I promptly get even more pissed, exchange =

some kind "Fuck yous" and hang up the phone. Now here I am trying to =

relieve some anger by writing it out in this email.

Please note that a lot of these people I spoke to, half of them were =

actual Charter supervisors for they're respective departments. I was =

even given a Corporate number by the supervisor that I described "The =

vicious circle" to, which ended up being a number to some company that =

had nothing to do with Charter whatsoever. I will never do business with =

this company even if they are my only choice of internet ever again.

Thank you for providing me with the space on the internet for others to =

see what has happened here. I do not know any other people who would be =

THIS patient with such an incompetent company as Charter Communications.

~Greg Rogers.

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ed540d68, 2012-05-19, 01:59PM CDT

I also have the same problem with charter i istall the bundle package of internet, phone, and cable. i took not only one, or two but three days off, because apperantly they were really bussy and they could not get anybody their on time. i was really dissapointed that i lost three days of work. i cannot belive that they would schedule me for example from 10 to 1pm if they will not show. the finally got their after the fourth attempt and then the phone was not working. i was then very upset i called to cancel the phone line and i left the two other services on. i called to cancel within the 30day period. they ignored my first requestand then charged me the cancelation fee, and after a few weeks that went by, i realized that they were not coming so exacly 48 days after service i called to cancel again and then they missed cancelation date again and they came two weeks after. in order to charge me the cancelation fee of 149.00

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