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Posted on Friday, July 20th, 2007 at 1:25pm CDT by 99b63835

Product: Bus

Company: Greyhound

Category: Public Transportation, Taxi

To whom it may concern:

First let me say I am a 61 yo 100% disabled veteran, who has always traveled Greyhound. But before I get on another one of your buses I will crawl over glass to my destination. My wife, also disabled, and I left Chico CA going to Independence KS on July 9th of this year and our return trip was on July 16th. Going was not to bad until we got to Salt Lake City, UT. I went to the ticket counter to find about pre boarding, and there was even a sign that said ADA will get pre boarding and seat priority. I spoke with a Hispanic gentlemen who had a thick accent, which is fine because I have a thick NYC accent. He asked me to show him proof that I was disabled. I always carry my award letter from the VA showing I am a 100% disabled veteran but he had no idea what it was.(I later found out that no Greyhound employee can ask for this information, from a Mr. Shelton, I believe, the Greyhound ADA representative). At this time the woman ticket agent told me that if I did not listen to the gentlemen she would keep us from boarding at all. She was rude and abusive and told me she was an expert in ADA. Right now Greyhound is investigating this situation.

When we got our destination our baggage did not. So I called the number on the ticket envelope. I was on hold for 2 hours, I am not kidding, 2 hours, when I finely got to a person she said she would connect me to the baggage tracking people. She instead connected me to someone else in her dept. Who then said she would transfer me. I was then on hold for another hour. Three hours on hold. Well the lady tried to track our baggage she contacted Denver and they did not have it. She then contacted Salt Lake City, and this is where I got disconnected. I called back the next morning and was only on hold for an hour. I was told that they could not find my baggage but was given a number to use as a reference. At 2pm that day our baggage showed up. It was already on a bus coming from Kansas City and it was not noticed by any one that it was on a bus. We used special handling. Before I get to the return trip which I call the twilight zone trip I have one more thing to say about baggage handlers. This happened on the return trip. I was actually told by a Greyhound baggage handler that all special handling means is that they transfer the baggage for us, but that does not mean it will get on our bus or even a bus going to our destination. Which is true because one of our bags got to Chico a day before we did and the other two the day after. Now as for the return trip. I will do this by category instead of chronologically.

Drivers. Before I start let me say that for years I drove a bus for Suburban Transit in NJ. Part of my job was commuter between Central Jersey and NYC. I also did runs to the Casino's in Atlantic City. So I know something about drivers. One driver was not only eating sun flower seed and spiting the shells out the window but was driving erratic, by this I mean all over the road, and why because all the way he was texting and receiving messages on his cell phone. Another driver had ear phones and listening to something and did not hear or answer any questions asked him. Another had no earphones just didn't answer any one.

All of your drivers were rude not only to my wife and myself but to all

passengers. They all had the attitude that we were there for them instead of us paying to ride.

Now the trip.

When we got to Amarillo, TX and shut the bus off it took them over an hour to figure out how to restart it. So now we are late. and stayed late going into Albuquerque, NM when they had to shut the bus off again. it took 6 hours no joke 6 hours to get it started again. A big company and no spare bus in a major city. Where are your mechanics trained? And no one thought to call Amarillo to find out how they got it started.

So finally Phoenix, AZ . Now here is a new one. Phoenix was out of diesel fuel. Which was not all that bad in it self. And our bus had about 1/2 a tank I believe he said. But he was not going into LA with this low fuel. What 1/2 a tank about 600/650 miles and LA I believe 499 miles away. So what does Einstein do? He stops at a truck stop Quartz site along the way to get fuel. And he is not the first one in line. Then after filling he goes gets something to eat. Another thing why does Greyhound almost always stop for meals at McDonalds? Does the dog have a deal with the clown? Now every bus was full and on every bus were ADA people including people in wheelchairs. How does Greyhound expect over 50 people to get food in 15 minutes, and go bathroom? You should fire the people who wrote your schedules. Any way when we got to LA we had missed our connection home by 20 minutes. About 1 am two busses were leaving for Sacramento one an express and one a local. The express driver out and out refused to let is on the bus. Her excuse was she had room on the bus but we would not be able to sit together. So they put us on the local. We finally got to Sacramento at 1 PM. Eleven hours to go less than 500 miles. Obviously not a Greyhound but a turtle. Now they tell us our bus to Chico will not load until 6 PM but that bus may be late. Comfort Greyhound knows absolutely nothing about. would it really hurt to

remove 2 seats on each side so people would not have to sit with their knees up their nose's. By this time we had enough, Because of your excellent scheduling my wife and I had not eaten since before LA and she is diabetic. So my wife called her daughter in Magalia where we live, Over 2 hours to Sacramento, and come get us. It took her over 2 hours down and over 2 hours back and we were still home before the Chico bus even started to load. At all of your stops we saw signs saying "We have lowered our prices" and "The new Greyhound". I think with your price you lowered your integrity and your employee's people skills. And your new Greyhound is like the time Coke came out with new Coke remember how that went? Believe me the old Greyhound was well over 100% better. Expect in the next week or two to see this letter in newspapers in NYC, LA, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle and Miami. Also copies will be sent to NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and a copy to 60 Minutes.


Magalia, CA. 95954


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