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Posted on Monday, July 2nd, 2007 at 9:11am CDT by 1009a0a4

Company: Waffle House Dalton Ga Area

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All four Waffle Houses located In the Dalton Ga Metro area, Managed by Lookout Waffles / Collis Foods LLC, Charlie Rathburn - Division Mgr. Clara - District manager

I am a former employee of this WH district. I voluntarily quit, mostly because of the poor sanitation practices, also because of poor customer service. I normally wouldn't go further to complain at this level out of professional courtesy, until I found out recently from employees and customers alike the latest.

Management recently directed unit managers to turn off their main water heaters to save money. I don't know exactly how long this was going on, but as soon as I found out, I went to one of the units, on 1515 Cleveland Hwy. in Dalton, GA., on Sat. 6/22/07 to find there was no hot water anywhere in the unit, except for a water heater booster in the dish sanitizing machine. The proper temperature of that machine should by law be at least 160 degrees, but according to my inspection, was barely warm. There was no hot water for proper hand washing, or to adequately scrub dishes or utensils. I was then told by one of the employees that the district manager had all the units shut off their hot water.

The following Monday, I submitted a complaint to the County Division of Health, who told me they had already received several complaints that day concerning the same thing. All the hot water in all the units was immediately restored, however, this point must be considered.

Any manager who would consciously turn off their restaurant's water heaters, is not only ignoring the needs of their valuable customers, They are literally putting their customers health in danger! I know many witnesses to what took place here, and I will plead with all potential patrons to avoid all WH in the Dalton area. There are other sanitation issues, but the main concern is that management of at least the one WH I described here, could care less about your repeat business, or even less about your health;



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a72c6197, 2009-06-20, 04:07AM CDT

what is really bad is when this company is telling there wait staff to claim money they aren't making or the fact that the district mgr promonting there children over more quilfied employies. the way i look at it the serice in those stories have gone dowm hill in the past 10 years. you go in there expacing to get go servies but instead you get mad wait staff whoare expacted to work for under min. wage because the company don't want to pay them tip make-up.and by the way the reason they don't is because it comes of the mgr and the district mgr bonuses. the place is never clean right because they won't oder the suppies. the ones that desisers promoiontion don't get them.i have been a costormer of these waffles houses for about 10 years that makes me sick that a big company like that treats there employies like that.


you know when the min. wage goes up all the do is tell the wait staff to claim more in tips.

94b4530c, 2009-11-26, 11:45PM CST

I don't even know how I found this site, but damn don't you people have anything better to do than complain about Waffle House. It is Waffle House for Christ's sake. And to the last complainer. Learn to spell and use proper grammar if you're going to try to write.

cf0b9e6b, 2013-06-03, 05:43PM CDT

Not only do they expect servers to claim more tips than they make they harass those who don't and those who do file complaints are retaliated against. Loss of hours, suspension, etc. Also the "Associate Helpline" is a joke. If you call they'll have the same managers that are doing this crap "investigate". Anyone who has been harassed, retaliated against, forced to do something illegal or has witnessed it please email me [email protected] I have filed complaints with DOL and am seeking legal representation to get these salespeople paid and stop the harassment and coersion.

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