U-Haul - U-Haul Complaint

Posted on Monday, July 2nd, 2007 at 11:43am CDT by 004f8d92

Product: U-Haul

Company: U-Haul

Location: Dublin

Category: Other

Recently I made arrangements to rent a storage unit at the UHaul location in Dublin, Ca. The employees were helpful, showing me two units to choose from and getting the contract in place. Since it was a Saturday, the store was understandably very busy. So no trucks were available. Sunday morning, after picking up the truck and loading it, I arrived at about 11am to move everything into the storage unit I had rented.

Apparently someone at another UHaul location or perhaps corporate decided to place someone else in the storage unit I had under contract. They had cancelled my contract on the computer and placed their client into the storage unit!!! As it turns out this person had filled the storage unit and left while I was on my way over to place store my things.

COMPLAINT: First, UHaul should honor the contracts they enter into with customers until such time as the contract terms have been breached. I had paid cash (via debit card) in full. Second, all locations should have complete control over all the assets at their location.

The options UHaul presented were simply not acceptable. There was one remaining storage unit of the same size. However, I had decided against it the previous day. It appeared there might be a leak in the ceiling. Of course I was offered the chance to take a larger unit and pay a higher price. But I did not need that much space.

In the end, I found space at a nearby competitor. After getting the shaft from UHaul, it felt good to pay one of their competitors with my hard earned money.


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