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Posted on Monday, July 2nd, 2007 at 6:03pm CDT by 499fd67e

Company: Northshore Publishers Service

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I got an invoice today from Northshore Publishers Service, 30 Eastern

Ave, Malden, MA 02148 for a subscription to TV Guide.

They called me at home and offered me TV Guide at .99 an issue plus a

free subscription to Gourmet. They said I'd have a payment of $48.98.

I even said, "This sounds too good to be true, what's the catch?" No

catch they assured me. But a letter arrives today and I discover it is

for 156 issues, and the bill is for $195.92! That is four installments

of $48.98.

I have been trying to call the number listed on the invoice to cancel

and all I get is a message.

I called my credit card company and said I would decline any more

charges from the company and I am writing them a letter. I can't find

the company on the internet to send an e-mail, but I found you.


Thanks for listening,

Nancy Stillwell


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bd9a73b3, 2009-02-04, 10:06AM CST

I had the same thing happen. I have tried writing to them to cancel twice, but they did not cancel and kept billing me. Then they started calling. They would not discuss this with me, but instead would only talk to my husband. Due to the time difference, it was hard to connect until they finally called us at 5:30am! They still say they haven't received my last payment and want me to pay 2 more payments before they will cancel. If you are reading this before you get caught by them-Stay away!!!

6ffe263d, 2009-08-17, 07:40PM CDT


The same thing has happened to me.

I have been calling the number they listed for 3 hours straight and no one answers.

I want to cancel this subscription!!!

I received my invoice and it was for five installments of $32.22 each.

Shari Budach

Albert Lea, MN

9ac54521, 2010-07-16, 02:19PM CDT


I need a nubber to call Northshoe.

My Mom who is 93 somehow signed up for all these magazines and they are auto debiting her account!

She has no paperwork or any idea how this happened!

Thank you in advance


e mail [email protected]

db83ce31, 2011-08-03, 07:39PM CDT

I have dealt with this NorthShore Publisher Company several times in the last couple of years and they never answer their phones or return phone calls to the consumers. They called my elderly father again on 7/12/11 while I was at work after I have told them to remove my dad from their call list. They sold him more magazines and the tv guide for a total of $205.98.I have called them several times in the last two weeks with no success. I called my bank and they have already taken a payment via an online check that they processed from their end without my authorization. I'm working with my bank to stop future withdrawels and to get the $34.33 back that they just took out on 7/21/11. This company should be reported to the Better Business Bureau for fraudulent activity. Buyer's Beware!!!!! I hope they can't sleep at night knowing they rob people and take advantage of the elderly.... All I can say is that God is watching them, so I don't have to stress out on this matter too much. Shame on them.....

bd4c97a1, 2011-08-04, 11:10AM CDT

Thank you for the information. I thought there was something suspicious about this and you saved me from sending them any money!!!

28747c83, 2011-11-06, 12:09AM CDT

My mother also got into this but I pay her bills. I found out about it and told her I wasn't going to pay a dime to this company. It sounded like it was ripping her off. First they wanted $37.88 for 6 mos. That is $260.00 and I told her to go directly to the magazines for a lot less than that. I just paid TV guide $57.00 for 1 yr. I could get a 2 yr subscription cheaper than that through TV guide. They were also offering her Readers Digest. I could get that for $15.00 through their website. I'm glad that I also read your comments and complaints. I'm glad I didn't send them any money.

273ff46c, 2002-03-17, 02:59PM CST

i rec this bill for a subscription i nevererd also see many other people have rec bills for high amts of monethe phone 3IS bogus says not in order im getting in touch with the att genral of upstate ny we will see whats going on

marjorie fusco

acct #yr9047390-9

get me off this not i am not interested

ef5ffc4b, 2013-01-10, 02:33PM CST

i have already notified you twice, now this is it! i am turning this over to my attorney. why do you think you can harass someone who isn't even living anymore. he died in 2008. it is not my fault that your employees are sooo screwed up that they continued sending tv guides to a DEAD person. Account # YR905340-6. GOOD LUCK COLLECTING FROM A DEAD MAN! How about I start sending you papers to appear in court because you are being sued! How 'bout that!!!

024c3ddc, 2013-10-13, 12:19PM CDT

I received a call from North Shore Publishers. I thought it was about renewing T V Guide.Then I started receiving,Magazines OK,ENTREPRENEUR,SHAPE,NATURAL HEALTH.I have never heard of these,and I do not want them. How did I get signed up for something I never heard of? I want out of all this nonsence!

22b81af9, 2014-02-14, 12:42PM CST

Someone needs to stop these people they did the same thing to my mom

9ad62c07, 2014-05-19, 07:23AM CDT

Rude and discourteous are only two of numerous words I would use to define my telephone communications with Northshore Publishers. Not sure how they accessed my personal demographic information, including my VISA account number, but I inadvertently agreed to renew my subscription to TV Guide for a one year period. I did NOT check my cover of TV Guide to see that I still had another 18 months on my current subscription. When I got a billing-confirmation notice from Northshore, I decided to call them and cancel. The first response from one of their employees was "How did you get this phone number?" After attempting to cancel my subscription this person hung up on me. When my VISA bill came, I noted a charge of $34.33. I contacted VISA to dispute this charge. VISA is investigating. Again, I contacted Northshore and in my attempt to cancel the TV Guide subscription "with several FREE" subscriptions to several other unwanted magazines, I was hung up on a second time. Again, not sure how Northshore accessed my personal demographic information, especially my VISA account---but this appears to be a NOT TOO HONEST ORGANIZATION!!!! BEWARE if they contact you!!! Jim Lather

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