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Company: Lenscrafters / Eyewear

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Business Location: LensCrafters, 400 Pine Street,

Seattle WA

I went to LensCrafters in June 2007 with a pair of

clip-on glasses which I had bought in August 2006. I

had bought the glasses in a small optical store in

Vancouver BC. The glasses were well made and I was

happy with them, I only needed to change the material

to a lighter material, there was to be no change in

the prescription. I went to the store and the

salesperson I talked to seemed keener on selling me a

new frame. First he told me that the plastic material

that I wanted would chip easily and it was better that

I get a new frame, he then pointed out a new promotion

that was going on where I would get 50% of a new frame

if I got new pair of glasses. I told him I just wanted

the lenses replaced with a lighter material. I then

asked him whether according to their money back

policy, I could get my old lenses and frames back if I

was unhappy with their work. He assured me that I

would. He told me it would take three weeks to get my

glasses in three weeks – which was OK with me as I

have more than two pairs. A few days later I got a

call that my glasses were ready. I went to the store

during my lunch breadk and dealt with a different

salesperson. As I was leaving I asked him about having

my old lenses back (I could see one of them on the

tray in front of him). He told me that it was store

policy to keep the old lenses. I got back to the

office and tried my new glasses and was dismayed to

find that there was a gap of about one millimeter

between the top of the lenses and the frames. I called

the store and spoke to a supervisor, I told him that I

was unhappy with the work and would like to have to

have my old lenses back. I informed him that the

salesperson had told me that the store kept the old

lenses. On hearing this, he seemed surprised and told

me that I should have got my old lenses back; he then

put me on hold for a few minutes and went in search of

the old lenses. A few minutes later he got back and

told me that there was no way of locating my lenses,

that I should come in and they would try to fix my

glasses failing which they would refund me my money. I

was seething and insisted that I would only speak to

him as I seemed to be getting different stories from

different sales people at the store. I went in the

next day and he explained to me that the spaces were

due to the machine that cut the lenses and that the

store would try to fix them by reshaping them. I was

angry that I seemed to be on the loosing side, I had

lost a perfectly good pair of lenses and if I asked

for my money back I would end up with frames with no

lenses. I was also of the opinion that that they had

given me ill fitting lenses and were not prepared to

cut new lenses for me because of my high prescription.

I came back on Sunday to check if they had remedied

the situation and spoke to the manager. Nothing had

been fixed the space between the lenses and frames

were still there. In a very condescending attitude the

manager informed me that the square shape of my frames

was the problem, apparently the machine that cuts the

lenses could not navigate the corners. I informed him

that I had obtained the glasses from a small optical

and they had the technical know how for square shaped

lenses, how was it that a large eyewear store could

not cut proper lenses for my glasses. I told him that

I was of the opinion that they did not want to cut new

lenses and if I asked for my money back I would loose

a perfectly good pair of glasses. To this he replied

that I did not have to speak so loudly (apparently

other customers in the store were starting to take an

interest in our conversation), he informed me that my

old glasses were probably hand cut and that I should

give them another chance to cut the lenses again. If

they were unsuccessful in fixing the problem, I would

get the imperfect glasses and my money would be

refunded. This seemed to be my best option and I

decided to take this course of action. Three days

later, he called me at the office and told me that the

lenses would be replaced by hand cut lenses which

would have to be done in Cincinnati and the process

would take two weeks. I waited for one and a half

weeks before getting a call that my glasses were

ready. When I picked them up there was still a

discernable space between the frame and the lenses at

the edges. The manager repeated his explanation about

the lens cutting machine not being able to handle

corners properly, this after he had told me that the

lenses were being hand cut in Cincinnati. At this

point I was exhausted; I had enough of coming to the

store and dealing with this group of liars. Before I

left I asked the Manager whether they sold square

shaped frames and what how they cut the lenses for

these sort of frames. In his most condescending tone,

he told me that they had only three types of square

shaped frames – (to my left I was flanked by a wall of

designer square shaped frames) and glasses with those

lenses always ended up with gaps. Apparently

LensCrafters customers are getting imperfect glasses

which they are happy with. He then informed me that if

I wanted perfect glasses I should go back to my old

optical store (something I will gladly do). I later

discovered some damage around the frames but I just do

not want to go back to that store.

I talked to me a few people who have dealt with

lenseCrafters, one person told me of her frustration a

few years ago when she had lenses replaced, the store

insisted on keeping her old lenses even though she

bought them elsewhere. Someone else told me of the way

they had refused to replace the non-reflective coating

of her lenses (despite the fact that she had got the

lenses from LensCrafters) and wanted her to get a new

pair of lenses and frames, yet when she went to

another optical store they replaced the coating for

less than $50. As for me, I will never ever enter

another LensCrafter store and I advice others not to

be hoodwinked by their flashy displays.

Stella Karuri


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4b09c4ed, 2009-07-27, 08:28PM CDT

I am an optician with Lenscrafters. Your dealings with that particular store are not indicitave of the company as a whole. I can assure you of that. It is NOT our policy to keep the lenses. In fact, it is just the opposite for the very reason you posted. We can also trace square frames. If you want to give up on the company you can, but don't castigate all of us because of the blunders of a few.

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