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Posted on Monday, July 2nd, 2007 at 2:00pm CDT by 319fa1d4

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What an incredibly horrible experience!

On April 30th I contracted with DAS Auto Shippers to ship a $31,000

vehicle from California. I paid immediately with Pay pal. DAS is the

sole recommended shipping company for e-bay. After numerous telephone

calls and e-mails in an attempt to discover why the automobile was not

moving from its destination, I was informed that DAS had not received my

payment by two customer service representatives. I was told by a

representative that a hold was placed on the vehicle even though they

had my vehicle in their possession. Forget common sense when dealing

with DAS. I tried to convince their staff, to no avail, that if they

had not received payment I am reasonably confident that DAS would not

have dispatched a truck to take possession of the car. I attempted to

contact a supervisor with a receipt number evidencing my $1,100 payment

but she refused to return my call. Eventually, after several facsimiles

to whatever number I could find online and several e-mails to whatever

addresses I could find, I reached someone who looked at this mess. Once

you are in the system, you cannot speak to anyone other than the same

disinterested, inconsiderate customer service representative at DAS.

My automobile began its movement 11 days later. On the 21st day my

vehicle arrived in town and I was told that a local carrier would

deliver the car in two days. Home delivery was a $200 additional option

I purchased. Once again, I contacted DAS who provided me with a local

number to handle this final shipping matter.

The perfect car that I had invested over $34,000 arrived with a dented

door. DAS acknowledged the Damage occurred while my car was in their

care. DAS instructed my to get two estimates and send pictures. After

doing so, I learned that DAS is only responsible for $150.00 unless I

purchased extra insurance to cover their negligence. I really

appreciated the additional run-around.

Now I have a $34,000 car with a repainted and filled door; a car that I

would have never purchased in this condition because a selected an

unprofessional carrier. My $150.00 is on its way, so I am told.

Choose anyone other than DAS Auto Shippers. Vehicle are too expensive

to be entrusted to DAS Auto Shippers.

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f011e8b3, 2008-09-09, 03:10PM CDT

I shipped my car on August 16th,2008,I finally received it on September 6th,2008.....21 days later ! Then I pick up the car in San Lorenzo,CA, the outside of the car okay but they were nice enough to smear amorall all on my driver and passenger seats. Now I have to get it detailed to get it out. It was also all on the windshield and face of radio. The guy there said to submit claim and get it detailed....ummm how about being more careful.

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