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Company: Trane

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A new American Standard Heat Pump was installed on 7/3/03. The A-Coil has

been replaced twice. The compressor has been replaced three times. A new

A-Coil was installed in 8/17/06. The factory-installed expansion valve on

the A-Coil was defected causing the compressor to short. The cost for

factory defect was $535.86 (labor, Freon and tax). Since this was a

factory-installed defect on a part, not a maintenance issue, not an age

issue, I believe Trane should stand behind their products and pay for this

cost. When I contacted O'Connor Company, the field office for Trane, they

refused to stand by their product. When I contacted Trane, this is what they

sent me after four emails (2/14/06; 2/26, 06; 5/30/06 and 7/1906): Dear Mr.

Shabbir, We have reviewed the information provided. While we regret that you

have experienced breaks in service, the failures you have experienced are

beyond the original limited warranty and appear to be random in nature. The

Field Service Representative, Dan West, has declined your request for

reimbursement. The Trane company backs the decisions from the regional

office. Our limited warranties do not cover labor, as is indicated in the

limited warranty terms and conditions documentation that is provided in the

box with the equipment, which your installing independent Trane dealer

should have provided you upon installation of the equipment. Sincerely,

Customer Relations Department COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_75912# Continuing my

complaint: This issue didn


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