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Posted on Tuesday, July 17th, 2007 at 11:48am CDT by a871d74f

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I made an order to Sananda Spiritual center in April and though they cashed my check 4 days after, I haven't received anything. They don't have a phone customer number and the only way to communicate is via Fax (which they never replied), regular mail and e-mail.

Lesley answered me saying (in early July) that she will take a look at my problem. Two weeks have passed after that communication and three after they got my money and nothing has happened. I will suggest not to buy from them to avoid a headache.



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Anonymous, 2007-09-27, 07:27PM CDT

September 2007 Sananda Spiritual Center. Had a similar problem Paid by Paypal July 2007 received one email answer saying would be shipped shortly since then nothing! No products no answers to emails of faxes. filed a complaint with Paypal who said they would notify seller but could do no more and if enough complaints were registered they would look at the account! We are in Australia and finding it hard to get answers! Will keep on trying though after finding this post and one other maybe Sananda will have a conscience.

5de5f3f0, 2007-10-22, 11:48AM CDT

I am in the same boat

I placed my order in May 07

Paid by pay pal

And Sananda Spiritual center

Have stopped replying

To emails and faxes


ecc968a1, 2008-10-29, 03:33AM CDT

I purchased item from overseas and despite numerous attempts to contact these crooks, they simply stole my money as the items was never sent.

I am taking legal action against these swindling pigs as a matter of principle.

Ecka. Australia.

64f89d88, 2009-06-18, 01:57AM CDT

I also made an order in March, and paid by Paypal. No further word from Sananda "Spiritual" Center, even after three emails, and a fax. Again, no phone number to reach them, and completely unresponsive. What's up with these folks? I am thinking of filing a complaint with the better business bureau, and possibly filing a claim through the small claims court in San Diego. Enough is enough! Seems like they like to stiff those of us far enough away that it would be inconvenient or impossible to follow through. A****les.


347ab42f, 2009-09-19, 07:15AM CDT

Have these people not heard of karma? Are they that afraid there is not enough for everyone that they feel the need to steal from others? Thank goodness I had put my purchase on my Amex, so they took care of it. Yeah Amex. Sananda Spiritual Center will lose in the end. No one stays in business this way.

7c227be2, 2009-10-12, 09:25PM CDT


I too wanted to share my frustration with Sananda Spiritual Center although

when I hear the other stories, I feel I had a little better luck. Over a month ago, I purchased 7 chakra jar candles only to receive 6. The candles came with an order form where 6 items were checked off and the missing one on the list had a note beside it stating "will ship shortly." Nevertheless some emails later (of course from me)...I'm still wanting...and the store has yet to be accountable and courteous enough to contact me. I would love insight on where to go from here. As for the potential customer, I wouldn't do it if I were you.

Peace and Blessings.

42a38850, 2010-12-21, 05:25AM CST

I Purchased $250.00 worth of Christmas presents on 05 Dec. Payment made and confirmed via PayPal and Sananda automated response. Since then nothing. I have sent an email everyday for 2 weeks requesting shipping information or a refund but I have no response. Now my family and friends will have no presents to open from me as I can not afford to buy replacement gifts. I am so disheartened and upset.I simply cannot believe this has happened. Merry Christmas

6d80ebe7, 2011-01-27, 10:05PM CST

Oh dear, wish I had Googled this BEFORE I placed an order! I did an order on 10th Dec 2010 and still haven't received it. Have sent many emails, none responded to, and am about to send a Fax. Don't think I will get any joy. Will try and get a refund from my credit card, and will make a complaint to Pay Pal as well.

Christine P., 2013-01-26, 01:22AM CST

Oh Dear Again, my order was on the 8th of October 2012 .... Ironically for a Kwan Yin Statue as I have been very very unwell. Pd via Paypal immediate transaction $65 dollars gone in the wind. I have tried to contact them over 30 times no answer just like the rest of you lovely people.i am still very very unwell but after reading all the above . I feel I will also make a formal complaint to PayPal. I know it won't really do much but then. These people have no right doing this to us all in the name of spirituality. I'm going to try as I am bedridden so have the time. I am in Australia so it will be a little bit harder but maybe Karma might get them. Best of luck everyone.

Amy B., 2014-06-04, 02:43PM CDT

I had the same problem. Got a invoice saying it was paid for and then nothing. They are unavailable and I am out a good amount of cash.

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