Posted on Tuesday, July 17th, 2007 at 9:17pm CDT by dbbc2dc9

Company: HomeDecorators.com

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The following is my complaint for Home Decorators. Please let me know if

you need anything else in order to post this. Thanks!


I ordered a dining room rug from HomeDecorators.com in early January 2007;

it is now July 17, 2007 and I still have not received this item, but my

credit card has been charged twice.

The website and catalog are pretty great, they seem to have a good

selection for good prices - but that is how they get you! Each month we

received an email stating that our ordered item was still out of stock and

would be expected in the next month. This has been going on for 6 months.

They sent me a letter offering a discount for 20% off our next purchase, but

why would we buy from them when we had not received our initial item?

Finally, towards the end of June, they notified me via email that it had

been shipped. I clicked on the Fedex link to track it. Every day this link

said something different, and by the end of 5 business days it told me

nothing. I called Fedex, and they said they did not have this item in their

possession! I contacted Home Decorators Customer Service, they were polite.

They explained to me that a label had been created and it was shipped from

Mexico, Missouri, and that when it came to my state, Fedex would sign for it

and then I would be able to track the item on the website. I had never

heard of this before.

You will not believe what happened next! A week later I received another

email from Home Decorators.com stating my item had been RETURNED to the

warehouse, and that apparently they had discovered that they shipped the

WRONG ITEM to me. I asked to speak with a Manager, who apologized in a

surprisingly meek and cold way, but she helped me. I should have cancelled

my order long ago, but I was in love with this rug and had already designed

the space in my mind. The Manager stated they would refund my initial

order, and then give me a 25% discount and re-order the rug for me. They

charged my card (again) and notified me via email they had shipped the item

again (at this point, apparently, it was in stock). A few days later I

received the refund for the first charge, however, there were $82 in

SHIPPING CHARGES, which they did not refund! Once again, I spoke to the

same manager, who stated they will refund me the $82. Fedex tracking says

we should receive the rug in a few days, but we'll see...

you have been warned.




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