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Posted on Monday, July 16th, 2007 at 4:17pm CDT by 995da457

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I am writing out of concern for Nextel's Customer Service Department. I deal

with their so-called Customer Service Representatives on almost a daily

basis as I am in charge of over 80 Nextel phones. Being a customer service

representative myself I am appalled by the lack of manners their employees

have. I have been hung up on numerous times, been talked back to, laughed

at, and been stuck on hold for 30+ minutes. It is uncalled for that this

happens time and time again. I've been "disconnected" many times but have

yet to ever receive a call back on the number I give "should we get

disconnected". I have never, not once, called Nextel and not been

transferred at least on time. Usually I'm transferred about 3 times and have

been transferred as many as 13 times in 1 call.

If I ever treated one of our customers as their representatives treat me,

I'd be looking for another job very quickly. It's frustrating that we spend

over $7500.00 per month with a company that doesn't care. Are they so large

that a customer that pays them over $90,000.00 a year means nothing to them?

I have calculated that I spend approximately 288+ hours per year on the

phone with Nextel. That's $3643.20 that my company pays me every single year

to deal with them. Also for every hour that one of my technician's phone is

down it costs a minimum of 365.00 in lost revenue and can be as high as

28,000.00. That's an approximate annual loss in revenue of at least


I have spoken with their floor managers, spoken with lead customer service

managers, and even gone as far as writing to Nextel's corporate offices.

Nothing has been done to correct the problem. If I'm the only customer

complaining then congratulations to them, but why can't they fix it? They

haven't even tried to contact me regarding my concerns.

Mikaela D Clark

Candlelight Companies

Denver, CO


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