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I was at Target today and had my check for $175.75 refused.?? It was obviously embarrassing and upsetting.? Worse yet I was with my husband who immediately jumped to the conclusion I must have done something wrong (there is PLENTY of money in my account) and was giving me those looks.? I then couldn't find my credit card to pay because i was so flustered whi ch compounded my embarassment....eventually I found it and we left.

I called Certegy tonite from work.? (I work as a customer service rep- CSR-?taking orders for catalogs).? After reviewing my information in her computer the CSR informed me that the refusal had nothing to do with my check writing history, nothing to do with my checking balance, nothing to do with my credit....I got pretty steamed. I appealed to her as one CSR to another telling her how upsetting and embarassing this is.? I asked her how I can avoid this in the future.? She told me that Certegy runs COMPUTER MODELS to see averages as to how often a check for that amount has bounced to the client.? (NOT by me, by the general check writing public).? I asked her again, are you telling me that this had absolutely nothing to do with me, my history or my checking account?? How can I avoid it in the future?? The answer....it has NOTHING to do with you, it is a computer model.? You can't avoid it.?? I (the person I was talking to) have even had it happen to me at Walgreens.? If?a check?for any reason flags the computer model your check will be declined.? I said they need to clear the checks electronically then so there aren't any more problems.? Walmart does that.? Other merchants I know do that.? Her response.? Yes, I agree, they should be doing that.? We hope that soon they will catch up and start doing that.

ARGGHHH!? It just isn't right or fair that they can DO this to a person for no good reason!


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26812e9c, 2008-11-22, 11:11AM CST

The EXACT same thing happened to me just last week. I was shopping in a Target superstore (groceries)- I had a full cart of everything for Thanksgiving and other items. I wrote a check, and was denied- with a FULL cart of groceries- and nothing else to use (IE: credit card) of course the young checker just had to 'listen' to the checkout register- I went to customer service, who could do nothing.

I called the phone number and was told the same thing- NOTHING was wrong with my check- just they 'protect' stores when a check over a certain amount is used...

Now, a whole basket of groceries was left, because I could do nothing at the store-

I was embarrassed, only to be told- to go try again- it should go through.

Huh??? Where is the common sense in this?

The CSR continued to tell me- it is because my check cannot be guaranteed- and they need to protect their client- Target.

THIS MAKES NO SENSE? How do they protect- when a basket of groceries (milk,perishables, etc) was left- because I could not take them with me...

14631ddc, 2009-10-07, 11:36AM CDT

I just had the same problem with Target. I wrote a check for 401.00, I have plenty of money to cover over 20 times. However, they said after waiting inline for 30 minutes. YOUR CHECK WAS DECLINED> When I caled they said becuase of the amount. Why dont they post this vs tell you.

49f98087, 2010-03-04, 11:05PM CST

Target did the same thing to me. Denied taking a check...when there is good money in the account. I got upset b/c I was embarresed and it wasn't even my fault. I took my self, and my check next door to Walmart and Walmart took it, no prob. and even gave me cash back! (something Target doesn't do. I don't like Target anymore, and I even used to work for them.

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