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Posted on Sunday, July 15th, 2007 at 3:07pm CDT by bcafbef6

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Thiruvallam BSNL Exchange- and its Uncivilized and unprofessional SDE Hi Folks

Thought of sharing an fortunate reality of BSNL Broadband connection and poor service in Trivandrum.

My Friend moved from a near by place to Trivandrum. He had a BSNL broadband connection plan where he pays around 5000/ Rupees every month.

When he moved to a place, which comes under Thiruvallam BSNL Exchange in Trivandrum, he requested for a transfer of his broadband connection.

He paid the entire transfer fee and he also paid for the modem rent to carry his modem with him. Since he is involved in research activities, he desperately wanted to have the Internet connection in his new home.

It was informed by fax and telephone messages from him old BSNL exchange to the new exchange about his transfer and from DGM office too it was approved.

When he approached Thiruvallam BSNL Exchange the SDE, she made him to walk up and down more than fifty times during the first week and denied a connection for him. He patiently waited for next week and approached her again, she started insulting him and use languages, which I cannot write here in this forum. She was rude and yelled at my friend not to go to her office again asking for Internet connection, as if he is asking for any personal favor from her.

He went to higher ups to request that his transfer has been approved.

When DGM himself involved in his case, and talked to that lady over phone. She connected the Internet connection in a port, which is not functional.

My friend went hundred times requesting for connection to a functioning port. He went up and down more than hundred times, taking two-week leave for getting BSNL Connection, which has been already approved.

The lady SDE in Thriruvallam exchange started insulting him again and she used caste based discriminative langagues, which is much barbaric and uncivilized.

My friend is without Internet connection for last two months and now he gets a bill of 5000 Rupees this month, for the Internet connection he never had.

Requesting anyone from this forum, who is in Trivandrum to inform BSNL Trivandrum about this Thiruvallam exchange and report about this unprofessional and uncivilized behavior of this SDE.

Customers need better treatment from BSNL.

Or BSNL will find its own way out from people very soon.



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bd8ff61e, 2008-04-15, 07:45AM CDT


Have you got any solution so far. I am also an agreived party with BSNL. There support services are really very poor. I am thinking to shift to some other ISP


3e506907, 2010-04-13, 08:48AM CDT

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