Posted on Saturday, July 14th, 2007 at 8:50pm CDT by 3d8a0466

Product: Hitachi MODEL # 42HDT79

Company: H.H. Gregg


Category: Stores, Shopping

H.H. Gregg is an electronics retail store with extremely poor customer

service -- don't even think about going there to purchase anything! We purchased a Hitachi 42" Plasma HDTV, Model 42HDT79, from H.H. Gregg on

Thompson Lane in Nashville, TN on September 14, 2006. The TV came with a

one year warranty, but they convinced us to purchase, at additional expense($400.), a 3 year extended warranty. In early May of 2007 (a little over 6 months since purchase) the TV would not turn on. We troubleshot the system and called a local TV technician to check it out. The tech said that it was more than a programming error in the remote and that we should contact Hitachi or H.H. Gregg. We called Hitachi toll free customer non-service and after several hours on hold were told that they would have a repairman to come to our house and look at it. We actually had to call the TV repair shop located in Atlanta, GA, even though we are located just south of Nashville, TN. We scheduled an appointment for a tech to come to our house about 2 weeks out. He arrived on 23 May and after about 5 minutes said that it needed to have the 'digi-box' replaced and it would take 1-3 weeks to obtain the part. We thought that a little long, but were trying to get the repair completed. We never heard from the repairman again. After several weeks we called H.H. Gregg and they said they would not do anything since they thought Hitachi was responsible. We called Hitachi and they said the part was not in stock and would have to be back-ordered and should arrive around 23 June. What else could we do but wait!! We waited and around 23

June we called Hitachi and inquired about the part and the repair IAW the

warranty. To make a long and ugly story short, they told us that the part

would not be in until the right before 4 July. Notice in this scenario that no one from Hitachi, H.H. Gregg or Norman Electronics ever bothered to call us!!!! 2 July came and we called Hitachi -- they said they were moving their warehouse and it would be 6 or 9 July before they could find out if the part had arrived. We were irate X3!!! We waited until 8 July and finally a Hitachi CS rep called and left a message that he part was in and was to be shipped out expeditiously!! On 13 July we called Hitachi, H.H.Gregg & Norman Electronics and none of them knew where the part was or when it would get installed. 'Nightmare on Elm Street' revisited. On 13 July, later in the evening, we called Hitachi and H.H. Gregg and complained X3 again to no avail. Almost 3 months has elapsed since the TV went down and it is still not sure if we will ever get it repaired or replaced. I submitted an ugly review later that night with EPINIONS Online and wrote the BBB and filed a claim. Never have we been so abused in our life time and we paid for an extended warranty!!! All we can say is, "Do not buy Hitachi products -- worst customer service in the business, and don't deal with H.H. Gregg retail outlets -- they will hang you out to dry!!


Richard & Carol


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