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Posted on Thursday, July 12th, 2007 at 2:23pm CDT by c3fc171f

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usps lost mail back in =

12/06 usps lost my blue cross payment for health care, and the only way =

i found out i had to go to the hospital and i wonder why my blue cross =

was no good i got billed for 600.00 bucks from the hospital. and when my =

book keeper was doing the checking account that check was never cashed =

so she called blue cross and they said they never received payment,, so =

i went down to the post office and talk to the postmaster he said the =

only thing that could be done is call blue cross and see if they have =

received it outher then that nothing could be done well that was the =

first one that month they had also lost a payment to my intranet =

provider and a local supplier to our company... now i can see loosing a =

few thing once in a while but this is bad.. we had to call the company =

and apoigize for none payment .. i lost my healthcare and you know how =

hard its is to get it back not fun.. pay for the stop payment fees.. and =

thats just the beginning ... they also in april lost my state tax return =

and my payment for my income tax payment to the state of michigan and =

the only way that was found out was the check was never cashed.. so the =

book keeper had to call the state on that and they said it was never =

recieved that got me in some more hot water and cost some more monies, =

they had lost incoming mail too... I had bought something of of ebay =

with confermation it was scaned at our local post office but it never =

showed up in our box ...who stoled that one.. were are all my checks =

gone to.. no one has anwers for me .. now the check are company checks =

with address on them phone number in a company envolope . i called there =

1-800 number to file a complaint and got hung up on the first time the =

secound someone listen but never recieved any results.. the thing that =

make me mad is that if i did work like that i would be out of work .. or =

in court getting sued.. MARK HOWLAND

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c458eec9, 2008-10-10, 11:29AM CDT

Your story doesn't make sense..if your checks keep getting lost why not put a stop payment on them or do a trace to see where they ended up...had they been stolen someone would have attempted to cash them..or maybe you never paid and are just trying to put off your creditors with this know the old the checks in the mail routine!!

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