Unsaleable Acer Data Projector saga

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Company: Unsaleable Acer Data Projector saga

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Acer Australia and their wonderfully effective repair company

Highpoint Australia

Unit 7 & 8

145 Arthur st


NSW 2140 Australia

Why not stop by and say Hi from me !

Grab a cuppa and read all about my long painful saga detailing my worst

experience of customer "service" I have experienced in 17 years of being

a consumer :

19/4/2005 Acer PD113P Data projector Unit purchased from Officeworks

Fyshwick for $999.00 on 19/4/2005

12/5/2005 Unit failure #1 (powers up briefly then back to standby

mode). Returned to Officeworks. Unit exchanged. Bulb exchanged.

4/4/2007 unit failure #2 (same problem). Returned to Officeworks.

Officeworks staff advised to take to Acer repair centre. Unit taken

directly to TechFlex, Fyshwick who sent the unit to Acer's repair centre

- Highpoint in Sydney.

16/4/2007 Contacted by Highpoint Sydney. Fax received advising bulb was

blown out of warranty and requires replacement. I approved and paid for

a new bulb for $231.34.

16/5/2007 After many phone calls to Highpoint and Acer Sydney and two

visits to Acer Deakin the unit was returned to Highpoint Deakin for me

to pick up. No phone calls received to advise of the whereabouts of my

projector or that it had arrived. Repaired unit picked up from highpoint


18/5/2007 Unit failure #3 with same problem. Returned to Highpoint

Deakin. Sent to Highpoint Sydney. No contact from any highpoint or Acer

store. Several calls to Acer support FINALLY got someone who knew what

they were doing and sent it repaired overnight to me at Canberra.

1/6/2007 Repaired unit Received.

6/6/2007 Unit failure #4 (same problem).

7/6/2007 Sent email with ridiculous amount of problems to acer customer


9/6/2007 Email received from Dean Radonjic (Highpoint Customer

"Service") offering me to send my projector back for a fourth time to

have the same thing addressed (or not)..again. he reminded me of the

warranty terms of my projector and also advised Acer were not interested

in honouring their warranty to sell me a projector of merchantable

quality and I should pursue the issue with the ACCC (Australian Consumer

Complaints Commission) or send the unit back for them to have another


12/6/2007 I agreed to have the unit picked up to go back for another


14/6/2007 unit is picked up from my work address.

25/06/07 After no contact from Acer or highpoint 11 days after it was

sent an email is sent to Acer Customer "service" asking for an update.

Email received from Acer customer support saying the bulb is dead after

only 36 hours use and they require authorisation for a repair cost of

$231.34. I replied advising I had already paid for one bulb which died

again shortly after and was not paying a cent more and to return he unit

as is. ACCC Complaint lodged online.

29/06/07 Email received from Patricia at ACCC Infocentre. No

liason with Acer since last email and projector is still in their


10/07/07 email sent to highpoint asking where my projector is.

Email sent to ACCC asking if there is anything

else they can do.

Email received from Patricia - ACCC Infocentre

advising to contact ACT Fair Trading

11/07/07 email from Dean Radonjic - Highpoint advising it was

sent via Couriers Please. Couriers Please online tracking for the parcel

shows it was picked up from the Canberra Depot on the 26 Jun by Truc

Linh & Anne Dam. Called couriers please and waited 20 mins to speak to

an operator who advised it was a missed delivery. Driver will retry

delivery tomorrow (12/7).

email sent to ACT Fair Trading regarding the


12/7/07 Call from Highpoint Sydney saying my projector had

been returned to them by the courier. I advised the courier had never

rang, left voicemail or a calling card of any sort. Highpoint will send

it again to me. This contradicts what the operator at Courier's Please

advised yesterday that the driver had visited and would try again today.

13/7/07 Projector received via courier. LED Blue status light

no longer even flashes when plugged in. Probably the simpliest most non

confusing example of a problem which is not SIMPLY A BLOWN BULB.

Total time with a non working projector = 93 days as @ 13/7/07...and


I'm shopping for a new projector now...needless to say it definitely

won't be an Acer !!

Gordon Everitt



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