Goodyear Certified Tire Center (Anaheim, CA)

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Company: Goodyear Certified Tire Center (Anaheim, CA)

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6/23/07 Saturday

I called Goodyear Certified Tire of Anaheim (Orangethorpe & Lemon) around

11:00am to ask for an appointment. Alex answered the phone and I asked how

long it's going to take if I take the car within an hour. He answered it'll

take about an hour and he said I don't need to make an appointment. I had

other plans that day, and one hour seemed ok, so I went. When I got there,

Alex told me it would take 3 hours. I wasn't pleased but I didn't want to

delay it for another week, so I left the car. About 3 hours later Alex

called me and explained some recommendations for the car especially on the

rear break pads. Our conversation went as follows:

Me: I will do it some other time.

Alex: Why? Is the money problem or time?

Me: I can have my friend do it for me later.

Alex: Oh, is your friend a mechanic?

Me: Yeah.

Alex: Then why didn't you have your friend do the oil change?

Me: He's been a little busy these days.

Alex: Hey, we're busy too.

Then Alex told me the car was almost done. So I went to go pick up the

car. He didn't say anything and he was being very rude. He had a paper for

me to sign, but he just put it in front of me not telling me that I had to

sign. And when all the paper work was done, he didn't say anything, so I

had to ask, "Is it done?" I got the key, but I was very displeased about

the way he treated me. I wanted to see under the hood, because I could not

trust these people. I opened the hood from inside, and when I got to the

front to open it. The part that I need to pull in order to have the hood

pop up was broken. I went back in and gave Alex that part which was

broken. Several guys came out to see, and Alex and another guy tried couple

times to open the hood but failed. Being Saturday afternoon, Alex told me

to come back on Monday and that he will take care of it for me. I had to

wait until the next Saturday since I work in LA and can't make it during


6/30/07 Saturday

I went to Certified Tire in the morning and brought that part to Alex. He

told me that he would call some places to find out about liabilities and

that he would call me the next Monday.

7/3/07 Tuesday

Since Alex did not call me on Monday I gave him a call on Tuesday around

6:00 pm. He said, "I didn't forget about you. Don't worry. Since tomorrow

is a holiday, call me back on Thursday."

7/5/07 Thursday

I called again and he said the same thing that he didn't forget about me.

He said he called the dealer for the part, but did not get an answer from

them yet. He said he would call me when the dealer calls him.

7/12/07 Thursday

I waited for a week, but he didn't call me back. I called him around 11:30

am. He said he didn't get an answer yet. And then when I tried to say

something, he hung up on me. I called again and I explained that I couldn't

wait forever since I need to be able to open my hood, mainly because I have

a body work that needs to be done. And I told him that he's not doing the

job and said I will call the dealer myself. Then he hung up again. I got

very angry and I called again. I asked him to give me the number for the

dealer he contacted. He said, "Call 411 and find a dealer," and he hung up

again. I did not call him back.


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Joowon Lee


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