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My name is Larry Kelser and I have banked at the US Bank in Hermiston, Oregon for about ten years. My complaint? My auto insurance carrier, Geico, has always taken their monthly payment on the 3rd (or later) out of my checking account. This month (July) happened to be the exception to the rule. Geico decided they were going to take out their money for the first time, before the third on either July 1st or 2nd. I am Diabetic, on a fixed income, receiving Social Security checks on the 1st and 3rd of each month. My question is: why couldn't US Bank have verified my existing account with them, waited the next day and then permitted the electronic withdrawal? I have this non-sensical "overdraft protection" that does nothing for the banking customer. Since I was overdrawn after Geico withdrew their money, unknowingly, I withdrew on July 2nd, $20. I did this inadvertently. Had I known... I was again hit with their $31 service charge putting me $62 in the negative. I am

angry with US Bank because I believe if someone had exercised a little common sense, this would never have happened at all. By the way, several years back, some crook withdrew $100 out of my account and one minute later, withdrew another $100 to put me $200 in the hole, along with service charges and a big, fat mess.When I informed US Bank, a supervisor got on the phone with me and since I lived in Hermiston, Oregon, asked me when I had my bank card stolen and how did I get back to Hermiston so quickly since the money was withdrawn in Oakland, California? I told the supervisor I hadn't been to California in years when she said in an assuming sort-of-way, "So, you don't have your card..." And I said, "Oh, No! I still have my ATM card." So, she asked me to come down to their Hermiston branch and produce my card, which I did. Boy, were they surprised in seeing my ATM card. Then, the supervisor had me fill out a form that they could submit to US Bank Security in Portland. (In

the meantime, a couple of checks bounced, not my fault, my blood pressure rose, I'd just been released after spending a month in the hospital after having a Brain Aneurysm which nearly killed me, making me angry, to say the least. To make matters worse, when I inquired about the $200 that had been illegally withdrawn and when was I getting it back, the bank informed me it would electronically deposit the money, plus interest, back into my account in 7-10 working days! The total amount after I waited 9 days for that money, including interest, was a whopping $202.50!!! I'll tell ya, THEY DON"T WAIT THAT LONG FOR THEIR MONEY! They should have probably deposited at least $300 for my inconvenience, stress, and anger, plus, all the extra charges, too! Yet, US Bank couldn't wait one day (which Geico has always withdrawn their money no earlier than the 3rd of each month before all this happened a little over a week ago) for Geico's withdrawal to ensure I had the proper funds to

cover this withdrawal! I'm still fuming over this! What good is "Overdraft Protection" when it did nothing for me in the first place? What's it "protecting" me from? The U.S. Selective Service Program? I'm 50 years old, a bit too old for that form of "draft".

I just moved to a different area of Hermiston and must inform US Bank, but what is that going to screw up next? Oh, I dread this because nothing positive will come out of this! I think US Bank sucks. They ought to leave the little guy like me, who's living dreadfully UNDER poverty level, alone! Can help me?

Thank You,

Larry Kelser

Hermiston, OR 97838


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