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Brandsmart USA, West Palm Beach, FL

I want people to know what I have gone through with an air conditioner purchase I made at Brandsmart. This is not the first time I have experienced this situation and I feel it is important to inform the public.

Last August 20th,2006 I purchased 12,500 btu Daewoo window air conditioner from Brandsmart. It came with a one year, parts & labor warranty. The receipt states that it is carry-in service. The unit was installed shortly after purchase and started freezing up and not cooling on October 1st, 2006. On Monday, October 2nd, I called Brandsmart for service. After several attempts at service, the unit was finally repaired on December 2nd, 2006. That is correct, two months later the unit was finally repaired. I have documentation showing that I tried to have it repaired by calling Brandsmart and Daewoo on several occasions and for various reasons, the unit just didn't get repaired. It turned out that these units are covered under in-home service and not carry-in but regardless of how it was repaired, I was just elated when it was finally working again in December. Living in an efficiency unit in South Florida without air conditioning is just not possible but at least during that time of the year, it was somewhat tolerable.

Well, you can imagine my frustration when the unit stopped working again the very same way it stopped working in October. That is correct; on June 5th it stopped working and I put a call into Brandsmart once again. This time the clerk argued that I had to carry the unit in for repair even though they had come to the house months before. She claimed that is what was written on the receipt and that is what must be followed regardless of the past. She instructed me to carry it in to the store that I purchased it from which is in West Palm Beach.

On the evening of June 5th at 8:55pm, I carried the unit to the customer service center at Brandsmart. I was told by Warren at the service desk that I had been misinformed and would need to carry the unit back home and await in-home service. He assured me that he would follow up in the morning and have someone call me. He took a copy of my receipt and told me to await his call. His # 561 682-3000 ext 3759. I waited unitl June 8th and gave up. I called the repair department again and was told that I now had to wait until June 15th for service. I spoke with Irene who said she knew nothing about my situation and that I just had to wait until the 15th.

On June 15th, the repair tech came, was there for 60 seconds and left because he said he couldn't find the serial # on the unit. He said he needed to see the casing of the unit which was sitting not 2 feet away and because he didn't see it, he left and told my associate that I would have to reschedule service. He wouldn't even wait until a call could be made to me. Why the tech didn't see the ac casing is beyond me. I was so furious that I called Daewoo. Daewoo was also surprised but didn't offer much hope for assistance. The telephone tech there assured me he would try to get a repair company out but never called back. I have faxed him and called and left several messages but have gotten no response.

By this time, I have heard from several people that these Daewoo ac units have been problematic for a while now. Each time I call I keep hearing the familiar words "not another one"! My frustration is mounting.

After not hearing back from Daewoo, I called Brandsmart again on June 18th. They said they didn't have an opening until June 27th and that a tech would be out between noon and seven in the evening. I took off work that day and waited but at 9:00am I got a phone call that the tech was sick and that they would have to reschedule. The next opening they had was on July 7th!

I was shocked that I was put to the end of the line and had to start over again because their technician was sick. Didn't matter that I told them that I had been waiting since June 5th and that it was so hot I couldn't live in my efficiency apartment. They didn't seem to care that this is the only ac unit in the apartment and that without it I was cooking to death. Nothing phases them and nothing moves them. I have tried being nice and I have blown my cork. Nothing but nothing has worked.

So here it is today, July 7th and the tech finally shows up at 1:30pm. He looks at the unit, doesn't bother to look for serial #'s this time and never asked to see the cover. He turns the unit on and makes a phone call. Then he tells me that I will have to wait for a different service crew to come out to give it a charge. He didn't know when that would be. He got back into his truck without a word as I was yelling about the disgust I had for Brandsmart and the incompetence of its employees.

So now what. I called and yelled at the manager who was no help other than to put me down for being upset. He offered nothing other than to say he would call back. He never did either. He had Warren call to tell me they would be back out Wednesday July 11th and that they didn't know what time. I would have to await a phone call. July 11th comes and I didn't hear a thing. Hired someone to sit and wait because I couldn't afford to take off of work. I called Brandsmart at 10:00 and after two attempts, finally got someone to say that they were coming in the afternoon but they didn't know when.

They showed up at 3:00pm spent a half hour looking at it and said they now need another crew to put freon in it because it had a leak. He thought they might be able to come out on Friday, July 13th. I'm going to put the damn thing in the trunk of my auto, make up some gigantic signs and park smack in front of the store and protest. This is ridiculous. I want my money back and they can keep their piece of *#%! I'm over this. If I don't get satisfaction this way, I will certainly get it by being very visible to the public and warning them of what I have gone through not one time, but two times with the same unit. I'll get my moneys worth either way and rest assured, I will never step foot in a Brandsmart again and will always be a vocal spokes person against their establishment. If someone dies from heat stroke, a nice lawsuit filed against them might help to turn this around. That seems to be the only thing that gets these companies to stand up and pay attention and do something.


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74fd4f06, 2010-09-22, 05:55AM CDT

Brandsmart customer service sucks.

Prices may be cheap but God help you if you have an issue -- as you have found it.

And no one who works there gives a rat's A** about anything

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