car battery warranty at Wal-Mart

Posted on Tuesday, July 10th, 2007 at 10:21am CDT by 487936e3

Company: car battery warranty at Wal-Mart

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I tried to return a car battery, under warranty to Wal-Mart. The Battery =

was shown to be defective by Wal-Mart's own battery tester. After =

waiting for an hour in lines being passed from one untrained incompetent =

person to another, 7 in all. I was passed back and forth between the =

battery department and customer service. Both groups told me it was not =

there job. I was offered a $9 core value. Which did not include the =

warranty I was trying to get resolved. The store manager verified =

through the computer that Wal-Mart owed me $23. I said great, please =

include this replacement battery for $44. They said OK and then =

proceeded to charge me $35 for a $44 battery with $23 removed. I ask the =

manager how $44 - $23 =3D $35. He said he did not know then he fooled =

around a while, then the store manager refused to honor the warranty. I =

was not given any reason for the refusal, so I can only presume that he =

concluded it was costing him too much to return the money Wal-Mart owed =

to me. I was Wal-Mart's biggest fan for years, disputing the criticism I =

heard from others. I have slowly changed my mind about Wal-Mart after =

many bitter experiences.


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