prescription shortage/ twice in two months

Posted on Sunday, July 1st, 2007 at 1:01pm CDT by 9991ecac

Company: prescription shortage/ twice in two months

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Walgreens pharmacy

110 Hawthorne ave.

Athens, Ga. 30606

Last month I had a prescription filled at walgreens in athens,ga.,

prescription was for 30 focalin xr 10mg. and received only 28, since I had already got

home before I caught the mistake I let it go because I thought it was a

honest mistake. This month, guess what?, it happened again. This time I called

them and was told they would check inventory, this would take about 45 mins., I

told the lady I would call back on Sunday morning, 2 mins. later, not 45 as

I was told it would take, the lady called and told me and told me her

inventory was correct and I was wrong about the count. I replied,"I am sitting here

looking at 29 focalin, how can I be wrong"? she replied,"I personally

counted your prescription 3 times and if anything is wrong it is your problem". For

this to happen 1 time is odd, for it to happen 2 times in a row is very,

very strange. I personally advise anyone to empty your prescription out on the

counter in front of druggist before you leave store, this way you will not have

a walgreen pharmacist insinuate you are a damn liar.

william d. hammond

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30a0e4ef, 2009-08-22, 11:15AM CDT

Sat 08/22/09 - My wife & I have been having our prescriptions filled at Walgreens for nearly 20 years. Over the years we have occasionally run out of pills sooner than expected so recently I began counting my pills shortly after picking them up. Four of the last six times the count has been short... never have I received more than expected! The first two times I discovered a shortage I called and later received replacement pills. The third time I called, I asked the store manager if they could put a note in my file requesting my pills be double counted. The Rx for 90 pills that I just picked up had only 86 pills. I did not even bother to call this time. Although CVS may not be as convenient for me, unless I have the same results with them I shall never return to Walgreens. Leonard Mack

57b9ec47, 2010-08-06, 06:40PM CDT

Last week I called in a refill for my prescription Synthroid, I take 2 .125 pills daily so the refill is for 60 pills, when I went to pickup my prescription I was told it was to early to get it refilled, I had not noticed the date but it was true by 12 days, but I was out of pills, I could only think that I was shorted but according to the store this could not have happened. When I finally did get my prescription filled I counted my pills and again had been shorted 25 pills, when I called the pharmacy they acted like oh well, I told them this was the second time in a row this had happened and they said sarcastically well we will put in your records to count your pills three times. I know mistakes happen but I wonder how often, this can be very profitable for Walgreens, I think it happens more than we think.

d5012c65, 2012-08-22, 12:39AM CDT

I fill my sons medication at Walgreens he takes Focalin XR it is a controlled substance and I never worried about distrusting the pharmacy until now. He was often appearing unmedicated even though I had given him his medication I recently was looking at his pills they seemed lighter than they should. I discovered that all of the capsules were empty I called the store manager they are claiming no responsibility that their current stock is fine. That does not mean that a month ago they were, they should be more concerned if you want my opinion. There has been other occurances where his medication did not seem to be working I am now wondering how long one of their pharmacists have been abusing this medication I don't feel they are taking this seriously enough I think they should have the staff undergo drug testing.

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