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Dear Sirs,

I have had the Sears "Master Protection Plan" in effect at my residence since approximately 1989. (Possibly a year or two either way) While I have had some problems with the plan in the past this last one is the straw that broke the camels back. To this day it still hasn't been resolved but we're promised a date of January 15 for the repair. I'll try to condense the situation as much as possible. Sears has this plan that covers repairs or replacement of in home items such as stoves, refridgerators, A/C systems, televisions, washers, dryers, etc. It cost about $800 per year. Here is the problem. I called Sears on Dec 3, 2006 when I noticed that my home was hot and the central A/C wasn't cooling it off. A service technician was sent out the following day and determined that the evaporator coil was bad. He said that the unit was old and he wasn't sure if they would be able to locate a replacement. He was going to give the parts department the information so they can locate the coil. If they couldn't locate the coil then Sears would have to put in a new unit as per the contract. I asked him if the repair would be made before Christmas and he said he hoped so. I told him that I didn't care if they replaced the part or the entire unit as long as we have air-conditioning for the holidays. We live in Florida and this past month of December has been very hot and humid and I knew my wife wasn't going to be happy cooking in the heat for our Chrismas family get together. After not hearing from anyone for about 1 1/2 weeks I called to find out the status of my repair. Nobody knew anything about any parts. I got transferred from one person to another to another to another. Nobody had any information. The last person in line said that they would research my problem and call my back that afternoon. Needless to say I never received a call. I waited 2 days and called them back. Once again I got the same response.....transferred to different people, no part, don't know anything, we'll call you back, no return calls. We're now getting closer to the holidays and the time frame to getting the A/C fixed is getting smaller. My wife was hoping that she would have a nice birthday present and the unit would be fixed. Her birthday being Christmas Eve and that's the evening that she starts preparing our large Christmas day feast. When we finally got tired of calling and e-mailing Sears both down here in Florida and their National Customer Service in Illinois we asked to speak to a local supervisor. First the woman on the phone told my wife that the supervisors left for the day. When my wife insisted that there must be a superviser in attendence she relented and put one on named Dave Cook. We told him our plight and he simply said "Apparantly someone over here dropped the ball" Well no kidding. He said we were scheduled to have a service tech come to our house the following day. We asked him when someone was going to let us know that we were on their schedule. He said "Nobody called you?" We told him that nobody ever calls us. When we asked if he could give us an approximate time he said no. We would have to stay home all day. The next day another service tech came to our house before noon which wasn't too bad. Unfortunately he didn't have the part, the part was never ordered, he would get the model number off our unit and give it to their parts guru....again. The parts guru was supposed to call me back that afternoon.....guess phone call. At this point I'm still going back and forth though the e-mail with the National Customer Service which uses a standard computer generated response and tells you to call a certain phone number. Each time they give you a different number but they're all numbers for the same place and each time you call that number nobody knows anything. I saved all my corresponcence with them if you would like to see them. I finally got a woman named Anita who while she wasn't the friendliest person I've ever talked to at least she did some research and called me back. She said they located the part, it would take 12 days to be delivered to them and then the soonest they could get a serviceman to my house is January 15. I said "12 days to be delivered? I could walk to where-ever it's coming from in less than 12 days!" At this point we're still without A/C, we had to cancel our New Years Eve party and Sears has definitely "dropped the ball" but at our expense of over a month of severe discomfort and spoiled holidays for my family. They just don't care. They then offered me a $50 gift certificate to ease our pain. I told them that $50 was an insult. I didn't want money, I didn't want compensation, I just wanted my A/C fixed in a timely fashion. Obviously they never even researched or ordered the part until the second technician came out. The technicians were prompt, courteous and seemed to know their job. It's the supervisors and the parts people who didn't do theirs. Do I now want some type of compensation..????? You betcha !!

In closing, I don't really know what this complaint to you is going to do for my situation but if you can bring it to the attention to some people in Sears that have any power I would really appreciate it.

Thank you very much,

Roy Zinkiewicz

13826 Cooper Road

Spring Hill, Fl 34609

352 686 0769

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1b30fa9d, 2010-02-09, 02:19PM CST

I, too, have had terrible problems with my very expensive Sears Master Protection Plan.

1) Unable to book appointments online any longer. Now must call in and go through 2-3 reps, repeating information each time.

2) Technicians not in time frame of appointment--frequently late with no pnone call.

3)Unable to reach supervisor. "They'll call you right back." Umm--that would be in my lifetime?

4)Techs unable to fix appliance. To date, I have had approx. 20+ repairs on my Fisher-Paykel dishwasher. The only person that can fix it is a specialist who knows the product. Today, again, Sears promised (three phone calls) to send a specialist. I just spoke to the tech, who is late, and he's never even heard of the brand. My guess is he'll have to reschedule because he won't be able to fix it (past exerience tells me so).

5)Long wait for service. My freezer is out and the food, meds, etc. are in there. There are no emergency appointments. Again, the promised call back never came and it is a week before they can come out.

VERY EXPENSIVE for BAD SERVICE. Anyone know of a alternate plan?

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