Burlington Coat Factory and Ciao luggage

Posted on Monday, January 8th, 2007 at 9:54pm CST by 11637986

Company: Burlington Coat Factory and Ciao luggage

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I bought a Ciao suitcase before a one month planned trip at Burlington Coat Factory in Nassau County, NY. Upon arriving at my destination, I noticed that 2 of the zippers had come off the track. When I got home, I took the suitcase back to the store and they refused to take it back as it was beyond their time limit. They told me to contact the manufacturer. The customer service rep at Ciao told me to mail the suitcase back to them (and add $7 for shipping and handling). When I suggested that finding a box for a 26" suitcase might be a bit difficult, I was informed that they could do nothing for me. Nothing like a store that won't stand behind the merchandise it sells nor a manufacturer that makes it difficult to replace a defective item.

Rozanne Polansky

N Bellmore, NY


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