Comcast -- Naperville office address and phone number included

Posted on Sunday, January 7th, 2007 at 2:21pm CST by e8d08f56

Company: Comcast -- Naperville office address and phone number included

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type : COMCAST cable television, name on the account is Allen Elrod

30 W 221 Country Lakes Drive

Naperville, IL 60563

Complaint is directed to:

Comcast Cable Communications, Inc

1230 E. Diehl Road

Naperville, IL 60540


detailed complaint :

I have had 13 cable television repair technicians on 10 different service calls come to my home in the past 8 weeks and my cable is still not working!! I have asked on 4 separate occasion for a Comcast supervisor to come out, not an independent contractor, to "supervise" because obviously, something is not right. Four times I was told a supervisor would be there, that Comcast was "kicking the complaint up to a higher status" and four times I was "stood -up".... waiting all day and the supervisor a no-show. Half the techs that have shown up have been decent, the other half ranged from RUDE to those clearly having no knowledge of or interest in fixing the problem.

Comcast did give us credit for one month, but again, as I type this, there is what the cable company calls "tiling" on at least one television (I haven't checked the others yet.) AGAIN, our cable service is not working correctly.

This service is EXPENSIVE, and the last time a tech was out (this past Friday) I asked why a supervisor wasn't coming out as I requested on 4 occasions, I was told no supervisor request had EVER been posted as a note to my account!! When I asked to talk with this techs' supervisor (the tech called his supervisor) , the supervisor refused to talk to me and told the tech to tell me to "take it up with the complaint dept".... although I am sure this isn't the complain department they were referring to. This technician was VERY rude.

When I called again on Saturday (remember, the tech had just been here the day before) to complain to Comcast that once again, my service was not working correctly, and why couldn't I have a supervisor come out, I was told that once again I'd have to get a work order and ONCE AGAIN schedule my life around Comcast, and HOPE that MAYBE someone would show up when they said they would, and MAYBE they could fix the problem, and MAYBE they would be polite.

ANY help you could give me with this one would be GREATLY appreciated. The best way to contact me is email,



Nancy Namowicz

Naperville, IL


09d543d5, 2008-09-23, 11:23AM CDT

Comcast SUCKS and is the worst service on Earth. I had close to the same issues and just put their equipment on the door step and told them if they want it....come get it!

d04cb3bb, 2008-11-12, 06:03PM CST

This is a WARNING to those considering using Comcast! I have NEVER done business with a company that is so incredibly inept! I have been with Comcast for many years because I dont have another option in the small Southern town in which I live. I really wish the city would give license to some other company that cares more about their customers.

In the past few months my Comcast Internet has been down more than 20 times! I hardly get through a day without some kind of problem. Today we received our bill and there was an extra $40 dollars tacked on the bill for Starz. We have never had Starz nor have we ever asked for it. We called and had to wait and wait. The wait time is terrible as are the techs. The lady finally determined that there was an error and she was giving us credit as if we were receiving some kind of reward.

When my Internet system is down it is not unusual for the company to send a person out who will tell me he knows nothing about the Internet and that he only works on cable television. The Internet techs blame the linemen and the linemen blame the techs. On may occasions when I have reported a problem it is not unusual for the person with whom I am talking to tell me the local techs dont know what they are doing.

From the first day we joined Comcast to the present time we have perfect payment. You better believe they check to see if you are a good paying customer. Once I reached a person in upper level management and he told me that they could not afford to lose customers with perfect payment. He said they spent too much time running down equipment from people who moved and took equipment with them and were behind in their payments.

I pay well over $125 dollars a month for cable and Internet and that is a LOT of money for a retired schoolteacher! Yet, I have had techs show up and give my computer and lines to my computer a cursory look and tell me I would be better off with Dish. Once when I demanded that something be done the guy told me to QUIT Comcast and leave them alone!

I could go on and on. PLEASE talk with your friends who use Comcast and if you have another option please look elsewhere. Jerry in Mississippi PS: Once I could only get Comcast out to check my system only after writing the FCC. I plan to contact the FCC again and I plan to contact the BBB.

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