TRINSIC telephone service - predatory

Posted on Saturday, January 6th, 2007 at 8:29am CST by 7d92808a

Company: TRINSIC telephone service - predatory

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Complaint: My landline telephone service was switched from Sprint to Trinsic, (100 Brookwood Rd. Atmore, Alabama 36502-3513) without my consent in March 2006. At the time of notification, I was infomed by a TRINSIC customer service representative that there would be:

1. Improved services for the same monthly charge as Sprint

2. A discount applied for the first 30 days to my account for switching to Trinsic.

Neither of these happened.

Over the next two months, I researched other landline telephone providers and found that most were less expensive than what Trinsic offered. On 23 June 06, I called Trinsic and spoke to Luwana, a customer service representative (funny how they will never give you their employee number or last name). I gave Luwana an opportunity to meet the other telephone landline providers offer, she told me she was not authorized to. I then requested termination of service and refund of any credit owed to me. Understand that I never signed an agreement of service with Trinsic and never received an agreement proposal from them. Luwana researched my account and told me that a credit was likely due to me for $43.27. I asked that in lieu of a credit, since I was terminating service, they send me a check. She told me to expect a check within 4 to 6 weeks. Meanwhile, I received a bill from Trinsic dated 15 June 2006 and it showed a credit of $34.27 to my account.

28 September 06 - I called Trinsic and spoke with Charlie. He told me that he did not understand why I had not received my check and he issued me a ticket number 737428. He told me to expect the check with in 2 weeks.

22 Nov 06 - I called Trinsic and spoke to Nicki (she kindly spelled it for me). She verified that my ticket number was valid and the check was in process, I should be getting it within 7 to 10 working days.

16 Dec 06 - I called Trinsic and spoke with a customer service representative who would not give me her name. She rudely told me that I would not receive a refund check because I had not followed Trinsic's policy for termination of service. I told her that I was never informed of the policy, and had never received a copy of company policy. I was told that as far as Trinsic was concerned, the matter was closed.

Not a real nice way to deal with customers. I was basically strung along since June 06 by the company. I would not recommend this company to anyone.


Ted Johnson


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