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Posted on Saturday, January 6th, 2007 at 11:18am CST by 5ac30cc3

Company: Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed

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We purchased a Sleep Number bed from Select Comfort in Broomfield, Colorado approximately four years ago. The pillow top on the mattress cover is flat at the head of the bed, which makes it very uncomfortable to sleep on (the foot of the bed is higher then the head). Being the air hose can only go in one end of the mattress cover, you can not rotate for even wear.

I contacted Select Comfort and was told it would cost $415.00, plus shipping and handling for a new pillow top. Being the bed was advertised to have a 15 year warranty, and we paid $1600.00 for the bed, I find it very disturbing to know they will not cover the parts of the bed, that in my estimation, is of poor quality.

I can buy a complete set of brand new mattresses, of high quality, for $200.00, more then they want just for the pillow top portion of the Select Comfort bed.

This will be the last purchase we make from Select Comfort. And, I will no longer recommend it to friends and family.


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ba66ed84, 2008-09-06, 01:13AM CDT

I know exactly how you feel, we purchased our bed about 18 months ago.

Actually we got it on a no payment plan for 18 months. Now its time to pay for it and it looks and feels like its 20 yrs old. We made complaints within days of the set up, because it was loosing air and the pillow top at the head of the bed was lower than the foot of the bed. We were given instructions on using a vacuum to pull up the pillow top and to change the air tubes to opposite sides to see if its a leak or the actual motor. By the time we tried all of this our thirty day trial was up.

Now were stuck with a 3000.00 piece of junk.

cc3df4b2, 2009-10-04, 04:35PM CDT

Yes - its a scam and here is why:

The Innovation lie: The advertising for this system suggests some kind of innovation in sleep systems. It suggest that the traditional inner spring system has been replaced with a sophisticated system that used air to adjust to your body. That is a lie: The sleep number bed is a simple plastic blow up mattress identical in concept to any blow up mattress like the AirBed sold at $100-$200.

The sleep Number Lie: At the heart lies the electric pump that inflates or deflates the air in your single chamber blow up mattress to your desired firmness. That is identical to the function of a cheap blow up mattress except that this system is supposed to remember your setting and associate a number with it. The problem though is that the number (firmness) you choose will change throughout the night by itself up to 3 settings down or up - depending on your body heat, the room temperature and of course due to the most common complain - leaks. yes the manufacturer tells you that you sleep number will change throughout the night - so what is the point?

The Comfort Lie: Comfort is a subjective issue. We all have different expectations and likes. If you like sleeping on a blow up mattress than this bed is comfortable. If you don't than this is the worst bed you can buy. Incidentally every doctor and chiropractor I have asked vehemently opposes this bed.

The Price Lie: The components of a medium priced Sleep number bed ($2000) have a combined retail value of $200-350. Its a cheap blow up mattress in a fancy slip cover - you can buy this as individual components at Bed Bath & Beyond for a couple of hundred bucks and achieve the same results - that is if you like sleeping on a blow up mattress.

a7480e98, 2009-10-14, 04:35PM CDT

This bed is made so cheaply, the sides have fallen apart and the chambers are sliding out and when i called, they said it will cost me $700 to replace it! FORGET ABOUT THE WARRANTY, THEY SAID IT WAS NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR! NO, THE MATERIAL IS CHEAP AND FALLS APART!

5fb8ca31, 2009-10-27, 11:23PM CDT

I was able to purchase this bed without the pillow top and I find it comfortable and well worth the price I paid for it. I don't have a pillow top and find that pillow top mattresses are worthless at any store. This could be why I enjoy the bed I purchased so much. I can't comment on their pillow tops but the non pillowtop type are the greatest in my book. I am very satified and I think it is well worth the money. I would recommend the non pillow type bed to all my friends and family.

15771e0c, 2010-06-28, 07:26PM CDT

I purchased a bed 2 weeks ago and after 5 nights of sleeping in a sink hole on it I took it out and boxed it up..I called customer support and they told me all closeouts were final, no refunds no returns, if that had been told to me I would never have thrown $1500.00 down the drain. I hope that anyone thinking about buying from select comfort reads the reviews before buying. As like so many people today we do not have money to throw away, I am disabled, back problems, and now to have to pay back this money on my credit card. On something that will never be put in my home again. Its time someone got something done with this company.

ddd6bc08, 2011-08-07, 11:07AM CDT

I purchased the Select Comfort for my Mom.She tried it, did not like it. I put it on my bed and now have a "sailor's bed"....which means it "sags" in the middle. I'm in the process of purchasing a "real" mattress and will put this one at the curb!

ad1945fc, 2011-08-24, 10:42PM CDT

Seems like most these people are your typical cry babies who but something they saw on TV and had to have one, Then when they get it and find out it is not what they did not really think it was ( you had plenty of time to do your home work BEFORE you bought the bed what do you think the Internet is for? there are hundreds of pages on here about this company dummies) then you also had 30 days to send it back but you do not have the back bone to send it back you let them push you around until the time is up. The only problem I have had with my bed is the pump went bad and they replaced it. the only really stupid thing about the pump is it does not have an automatic pressure control sensor in it so when the house cools down in the middle of the night the air pressure changes and you wake up down 20-30 points and have to pump it bad up. shame on you sleep bed. sell you junk to the dummies I can take that but at least make the parts of the bed the right way like you competitors do.

d6d8ada4, 2011-11-09, 02:20PM CST

I purchased the sleep number bed back in april 2011 and it is the worse bed ever it is so uncomfortable the form ripped on the top of the bladders and we only had the bed for 6 mths 2 people can not sleep together in this bed if i am in the bed by myself fine but as soon as my husband gets in i roll right to the edge of the bed it is the mattress ever the guy in the store never told us that it had bladder we were horrified when we unzipped the mattress to see that the sides of the bed are just foam rubber it wouldn't pay 1 dollar for this bed i have been married for 30 years and this is the worse mattress i ever purchased i have called the company many times and they keep sending me more pieces to put in the bed by the bladders and nothing works at all

3f5c6e5e, 2012-01-09, 10:17AM CST

We purchased the pillowtop model with dual controls so we could adjust each side separately. My husbands side constantly leaks air. Unfortunately Select Comfort has no service department. You call on the phone and tell them what the problem is and they guess what part you need. You pay for it, have it shipped, and then when you receive it find it doesn't help the problem at all and now you are stuck paying for something you did not need and a bed that still leaks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We bought ours in the store at the mall. It sure would be nice to know ahead of time that there is no service on an item we paid $2500. It stinks!!!!

d4fee7f8, 2013-10-26, 11:25AM CDT

We have a sleep number bed that replaced our waterbed 10 years ago. I really liked it until the past year. We have a permanent indent on both sides which conforms to the shape of our bodies. This indent remains even when we are off the bed. We have called customer service and they gave us many things to try, when nothing worked they wanted us to purchase the foam padding that goes above and below the actual mattress. This was going to cost us $180. I asked if we would get a refund if this did not work but was told that we would only get a credit for their store. I questioned how the form below the baffles would help and was told it would fluff it up. We really wanted someone to come out and fix the bed but they said they would not do anything else for us until we bought the foam. At that point I gave up on them and said no. They just lost another customer.

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