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Lincare is a medical supply company... Sally jo Robbins 877-467-4418 ext 127. is the woman that I had spoke to.

I had Aetna health care as a insurance provider. My supplies were covered and back in August of 2006 Lincare had promised me supplies, they said that they shipped them. I called and they had said well it wasn't shipped yet so they will ship them again. I never received them. I called towards the end of August and told them my company was switching insurance providers from Aetna to Independent BC/BS Does Lincare except this insurance? They had said they would check into it and get back to me. The company (lincare) called me and said that the new insurance was covered. I in turn asked that they email me with verification. Lincare said that they do not use email however they would send me a letter. I did receive 2 letters stating that the BC/BS was covered and the patients responsibility was 0. now I am getting bills from lincare saying that the BC/BS did not cover me and they want the $91 for the supplies. I cannot understand why I should have to pay for something that lincare told me that I did not have to pay for. Sally Jo Robbins told me she would reduce the bill to $70. I said that If I had known that it was not covered in the first place, I would not have ordered it.

Please help me and tell me what to do.


Nick Andretta



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On asking why my calls to Lincare are not returned, I get such answers as "(employee) should/should not have done so", "(employee) relocated/ away from desk/away from office". Lincare gives no, or unsatisfactory, reasons for lack of returned calls; demonstrates poor to nonexistent employee-accountability or complaint-resolution capabilities.

77afd6c1, 2010-09-28, 08:15AM CDT

This ties directly to my complaint about Edgepark medical supply. They are an exclusive bc/bs medical supplier for my plan. bc/bs may be covered, but as I learned you will get a better deal from edgepark. There is something fishy gooing on with their billing though I am not sure how it helps them. Edgepark refuses to take a return which they MUST because of the type of insurance I use(Medicare supplement). You could order what you have received from lincare from bc/bs preferred provider, and return the items to lincare!

e9fd8fa5, 2010-11-18, 10:42PM CST

in august of 2009 my physicians' nurse gave me directions/papers to take to Lincare. No choice was given me. I went and they were nice, brought out my equipment, concentrator, emergency tank (which, in retrospect was absolutely puny), portable oxygen, tubing, etc. Hunky dory... but when i asked for refills on my portable oxygen my problems started. These people absolutely don't care! On occasion my boyfriend had to drive to their office to pick up my refills. The office staff was rude, after-hour/weekend calls were either not returned or the employees were rude. Everyone i saw in stores in this area using oxygen that i asked and were using Lincare would start cursing and fussing. They would commonly complain that Lincare employees were unprofessional, uncaring and rude. I can't be TOO NEGATIVE about these people. Thankfully, they were so incompetent and they bungled their paperwork so badly i was able to change to another provider, HomeMed, with whom i am mightily pleased. They actually care!!! I call now for oxygen and it magically appears on my porch within, usually, an hour or so. Like magic! Lincare was so worthless they didn't even bother to come pick up their antique/undersized equipment. The "emergency" tank looks like a peanut compared to HomeMeds monster tank. I could go on for days but leave it to say that the four months i was with them was hell! Oxygen is not a luxury that you should have to beg for. I wish someone would drop a nuclear bomb on their corporate headquarters.

Carl P., 2013-10-09, 08:08AM CDT

LinCare took over the Medicare Contract from a very good provider that supplied CPAP equipment and supplies for many years. For three months I have been trying to get someone from this mis-managed organization to call me back. Let's all file complaints with Medicare. Maybe they will respond to a government agency; they sure won't to consumers. Do yourself a favor - avoid this company!

bc4b1175, 2014-03-09, 03:38PM CDT

Due to changes in insurance coverage, I was required to change to Lincare for c-pap supplies. I took off one whole day to get things done related to this change. One day wasn't enough. I made 6 calls, none of which were returned. The last person I spoke to said there was paperwork they needed to complete and, when that was done, they would call me. Need I say it? A week later, I haven't heard a word. I'm very dissatisfied with the service, but it seems there are no other option at this time. I can only hope that someone at Lincare reads these complaints and takes customer service seriously.

732915f3, 2014-11-14, 08:34PM CST

I called for an oxygen concentrator on Thurssday Nov. 6 to be delivered on Friday Nov 7 to Merritt Island,Fl gave them all information and they said it would be Delivered however when I got to my destination no oxygen. I had bought a small concentrator with a 3 hr.and 6hr battery so that is what I had to sleep with. I had used it to drive down so I used the 3 and had to charge the 6. So my sleep was not very good. When I called Lincare ( Melbourne) they said they did not get a call from Jacksonville. It was not even called in. I had been promised a small concentrator for months but they gave me the run around. They made so many excuses that I had to buy one myself at a very high cost. I am 79 years old with oxygen24/7.

da8102e8, 2015-02-19, 03:05PM CST

RUN-A-ROUND: I called Lincare in mid-December to re-order my CPAP supplies since Wright & Fillipis had turned their CPAP over to Lincare. I was told I needed an up-date from my Doctor. Went to Doctor between Christmas and New Years and Doctor said they would send up-date to Lincare, which they did. Did not hear a word from Lincare. Waited till mid-January and called Lincare. Rep. took my insurance info and asked what supplies I needed said they would be sent out. End of January called back and was told they couldn't ship items until they had an order signed by the doctor. (Never told about that at anytime until now). I was told that they would fax order to Doctor and once they received signed order they would have someone call me to order items Feb. 19th and I'm still waiting for their call....does anyone else provide CPAP supplies?

22b25fd3, 2015-05-05, 05:08PM CDT

After being a customer of lincare for the past 10 years I attempted to obtain a replacement BIPAP machine. I started the Paperwork in may of 2014 getting all of the required paperwork from doctors and repeatedly calling to find out status. I was always

given some excuse as to why nothing was being done. in February 2015 I was informed the machine was on order. As of today May 4 2015 I still have not received a machine ,but I was informed by Natalie the person who answered the phone in the Little Rock Ark. Office

that I should go to another supplier for service since she could not help me. I guess

I needed to receive a run around for a year to teach me patience. Thank You I will take her advice. Your excustomer Charles Price

Susan C., 2016-01-06, 08:48PM CST

My doctor sent an order via Medicare to Lincare for a walker for me. That was on 10/30/15. At this point I still don't have a walker & have got nothing but run around from the office staff. Finally, last Wed. they told me I was scheduled for deliver on Tues, 1/5. But Tues came & went without a delivery. I called several times & was told it was on the truck & they would call before delivery. No call, no delivery. Called today & was told they would have to "verify". She said she would call me back but never did.

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