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Posted on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007 at 5:47pm CST by 15a21ad7

Company: Skippy peanut butter

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I purchased Skippy smooth peanut butter (Unilever) and on the label it clearly says NO TRANS FATS. When I looked at the ingredients when I got home lo and behold it said HYDROGENATED VEGETABLE OIL as an ingredient. Hydrogenated oils are trans fats. This appears to be misleading labeling. It is the 2 kg jar. I purchased it at Food Basics in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I tried calling Skippy but their customer service line was closed. Can you look into this please.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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a151ba7f, 2008-05-03, 06:06PM CDT

Hello. I just came across this. The terminology "partially hydrogenated vegetable oil" is a used to describe a broad range of oils. Although some are associated with trans fats, not all are and the oil used in this product is one of those exceptions. I remember there was a paper from the USDA that looked into the trans fat levels of many types of peanut butters and found that there was no difference between those with this on the label and those without, and that the levels were significantly below the level required to say 0 grams trans fats.

6cb221a5, 2008-05-26, 07:40PM CDT

Skippy also recently reduced the size of their jar from 18 oz to 16.2 oz

1b1c1de2, 2009-07-03, 12:58PM CDT

Hello, I was wondering how much money your company would lose if they change 1 production line in every plant to a diffent product?

Sue P., 2012-08-28, 10:39AM CDT

This is the second time I tried Skippy Natural Creamy Peanut Butter - NO NEED TO STIR??

When you open jar it has oil on top & taste terrible. How can they say NO NEED TO STIR??

I would like my money back. Where do I write this complaint.

54953502, 2015-03-07, 03:21PM CST

What ever processed you to market a lower fat peanut butter which in no way meets your standards. I have eaten skippy and exclusively skippy for more than 50 years. Mistakenly I picked up 2 jars at a special price I will not finish the first and will donate the second to charity although I Have my doubts if anyone else will eat it after tasting it .Not only did you miss the boat on taste and texture , it separates. Also because you managed to double the carbs making it unacceptable for diabetics my faith in your product is wavering.

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