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Dear Laura L.:

Thank you for your response.

As was stated in my first email message to you, the voltage and electicity system here in Taiwan is the same as the USA and Canada. There is no need for a converter.

In the event, I have decided what I will do. I will return the defective product to the place of purchase in Vancouver, Canada, on my next visit there. They (The Bay) are a service oriented business and will refund my

money and take care of returning the blanket to you.

You may be interested to know that I am not alone in my experiences with your products. Simply Google "Sunbeam electric blanket complaints" and you will see what I mean. Try, for example:


I will add my own story to these sites: two product failures involving Sunbeam blankets that failed in less than one year, subject to a supposed 5-year warranty which is inconvenient and impractical to enforce, and which

involved 4 weeks of ultimately unsatisfactory ommunications with your

service center.

Very truly yours,


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Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2007 20:06:12 -0500 (EST)

Subject: RE: Blankets - SUNBEAM HEATED PRODUCT STYLE 83E [Incident:

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RE: Blankets - SUNBEAM HEATED PRODUCT STYLE 83E [Incident: 070105-000018]

[Incident: 070118-000187]


Response (Laura L) - 01/27/2007 08:06 PM

Dear richard,

Thank you for your E mail. My name is Laura L and I apologize for the

inconvenience you have experienced.

As was stated in the first response to your first email: "All products

which are sold in the United States and Canada are manufactured and UL

approved for 110-120 voltage. We do not recommend the use of a converter

with our products. Converting the electricity may cause the product not to

work properly. Although it may be possible to use a voltage converter with

one of our products, we do not recommend using them. We do not have any

information on specific voltage converters so we cannot recommend that one

be used. Use of this product with any other than the recommende power

source and supply voids the warranty."

And as was stated in a consequent email to your futher queries: " The

blanket service center is unable to ship outside of the United States

however, so in order to have the blanket returned, you must have a U.S.

address for it to be sent to. Whomever lives at that address would then

need to ship the blanket to you overseas."

Unfortunately, we do not have any service centers in your area that will be

able to service you. I do apologize for any inconvenience this has caused



Laura L

Sunbeam Consumer Services

Customer (RICHARD) - 01/26/2007 01:40 AM

Hello Kelly,

Thank you for your message.

The product was purchased in Canada and I reside in Taiwan. The reason I

am communicating with you about this is that the user manual states, in


that at the bottom of that paricular page of the manual, it states that the

product is "Imported and distributed by Sunbeam Corporation (Canada) Ltd"

and that there is a Canadian address, namely 5975 Falbourne Street,

Mississauga, Ontario.

Now I am willing to incur the shipping cost of returning the product to you

in the US, or to your Canadian address, but I cannot provide a US shipping

address (and I don't see anything in the warranty requiring me to do that).

You would really need to either return it to me here in Taiwan, or I can

provide a Canadian shipping address.

I note again that this is the second product failure under warranty that I

have experienced with identical Sunbeam products. I was willing to forget

about the first one, but this latest failure--coming in mid-winter--is very


Finally, I note that the product is made in China, which is right next

door, geographically speaking. Why not suggest to me that I return it

there, and that your factory send me a new one back? That seems to make

the most sense to me.

Very truly yours,



Anonymous, 2010-01-15, 03:48PM CST

I too have had issues with Sunbeam failing to stand by their warranty. It should not cost us anything at all for the replacement of a defective product. I have posted this elsewhere - this is a copy and paste of the original post I made on another site.

We ALL have options!!!!!

seriously, don't be dumb, people!!!! If Sunbeam consistently neglects to supply us, as consumers, with working products - and then refuse to replace them (At no cost to us) We DO have options!!!!!

Simply go back to the place of purchase - buy a new one- keep your new receipt and packaging, and in 30 days or less......return the defective one in the packaging with the receipt - then take the store's merchandise credit and get whatever you may want - or need - for the cost of the replacement blanket.

And seriously.... don't get on me about being "Deceptive"!! Afterall - what IS deceptive is the fact that Sunbeam monopolizes the heated blankets on the market and they fail time and time again to 1) produce a working item and 2) to stand by their bogus warranty.

If I have purchased a defective blanket from them - I absolutely REFUSE to spend another dime on that product in the hopes that that MAY make it "right" I am NOT sending it back time and time again at my own expense - when THEY failed to produce an acceptable product.

Not a chance!!!!! I will go get myself a working blanket, return the old one, and use the store credit on stuff like food for my family instead.

I am a widowed person just trying to stay warm this winter without going under financially , trying to heat my home. If I buy something that is defective - or if it becomes defective due to no fault of my own, before the warranty period is up.....I WILL be getting a new one - Whether THEY "Allow" me to or not.

We DO have choices - and we do NOT have to be at the mercy of the mass producers of faulty products!!!!

Take it or leave it.....But there is ALWAYS a "Solution"

And not for nothing - Keep ALL packaging - if you must exchange anything OVER 30 days so WITHOUT a receipt - you cannot be denied an EXCHANGE without a receipt as they do not know when it is purchased......especially at Wal-Mart.

Some store receipts state specifically that you MUST have a receipt for all returns/exchanges.....STOP SHOPPING THERE!!!! As consumers - We need to TAKE THE POWER BACK!!!

I haven't looked - nor do I believe that I have to - But most likely, my defective product was made, at least in part, in a Foreign Country. WE get what THEY don't pay for.....Crappy, poorly made products with no true "Warranty" and no FREE replacement. THEY are cutting corners - and WE are paying for that!!!

Go get a working blanket, blender or whatever your defective item is - Use your new packaging and receipt and in 30 days or less.....give them their defective one back!!!!!

If you have to do it a million times.......At least you will have an actual working product to show for your money. If it craps out before the warranty.....Go get another one!!!!

Maybe then - they will begin to produce working appliances and items that we can be comfortable spending OUR money on.

We are only "victims" if we choose to be. I'm just not a victim any longer.

I simply REFUSE to spend what little money I have on something that I want or need - And then have no support at all for defective products!!!

Brand new products should NOT be defective - and products SHOULD exceed the warranty. If the product I purchase fails to stand up to normal use - as PROMISED by them.......They WILL replace it - quite WITHOUT their permission, if it must be done that way!!!!!

SAVE ALL OF YOU PACKAGING on ANY and ALL items you purchase!!!!!! If you need to exchange it before the warranty is up - do so WITHOUT a receipt AFTER the store's exchange policy is up.

Get the store credit and buy stuff that you NEED. Let THEM figure out what to do with all of their defective products - Like maybe produce them to actually last!!!!!!

End of rant!!!!!

Good luck - And remember - we do NOT have to accept unacceptable merchandise!!!! Unfortunately, we have come to EXPECT it - but we sure don't need to accept it!

63f51944, 2012-11-13, 10:25AM CST

I bought a Sunbeam Electric Blanket recently from Walmart here in Ruidoso,NM.

I was very disappointed in the on and off switch. If you are in the low setting you have to push the button 5/6 times to shut if off and that is very annoying when you are trying to stay asleep. Adelaide

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