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Posted on Saturday, January 27th, 2007 at 3:59pm CST by daa1bfa3

Company: 1st National Processing complaint

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I already had a machine and was processing credit cards through another credit card company and everything was fine. A guy came into my shop one day and said he could beat the current rates/fees I was paying. I also specifically asked him about any cancellation fee's, and he said his company wouldn't doesn't need to lock you into a contract, you were free to leave if/when you wanted. I was a little hesitant because I have an Ethernet connection only (no phone line), and it was a little difficult to get my machine initially working. I agreed that if he promised to switch my machine over, make it work, and get me all set up I would switch to his company. Poor decision on my part.

First he didn't come to reprogram my machine when he said he would. I had to call him, and he said he couldn't make it that day and would be there another day. Then when he finally did come, he screwed up my machine so it was unusable. He said he'd be back the next day, or that he would call me and I never heard from him. I finally called him 3 days later and he gave me a couple of phone numbers to call. I called the numbers but was unable to download anything because of my Ethernet connection. I was also frustrated with the way he disappeared on me, but the worst part was they begin billing me immediately after I signed up and I received a bill in the mail. Not only that but the bill was 2x the amount he said it would be.

That made me mad enough to just decide to cancel my account. Why should I go through all of the trouble of switching over to them so that guy could make his commission when he lied to me about my monthly fee? So I called to say I wanted to cancel. Of course it was a hassle.. I had to fax a hand written explanation of why I was canceling. The man I talked to informed me I had to get my fax in within 4 days or I would be charged a (probably hundreds of dollars) cancellation fee. Now I'm angry. I was told specifically that there was NO CANCELLATION FEE ever. So I faxed that in.. Didn't ever get a confirmation that my account was indeed cancelled, had to call. All in all, I lost over a month of credit card sales because of this company.

I would like to warn anybody who is considering going with this company. They hire liars. I'm lucky all I lost was my monthly fee's and credit card sales. Four days later and I'd probably have been out hundreds. I'm finally back with my original company and I will never switch again.

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17908490, 2010-07-14, 01:37PM CDT

I agree, they are the worst... when I tried closing the first account they said they did not received my request. A month later I closed the second account and they tried to play the same game. I had faxed and mailed in a request, so they had to issue a refund. They are seriously a rip off company, but they do support the BBB so they are rated an A + company.


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