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Posted on Friday, January 26th, 2007 at 4:21pm CST by 9db87aa5

Company: www.candle4less.com/ purchase candles etc...

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Business is www.candle4less.com

Placed an order on January 14, 2007 for 144 glass votive's and 144 red candles. Received an email confirmation that the order had been processed almost immediately. Order was to be received within 7 to 10 business days, as stated at the time of order. On Jan. 22, 2007 I went to track my order and it stated that it still had not been shipped. I called and spoke to the manager named Andre. He stated that they did not have red candles but had just not called to tell me. These candles were for a charitable event scheduled to happen on Jan. 27, 2007. Andre told me that he would send me white candles if I would like but would not do anything else. So I agreed, as there was not much time to do anything else. On Jan. 24, 2007 in the evening, I received an incomplete order. I received 144 glass votive's and 72 votive white candles. I was missing 72 candles. First thing in the morning I called and spoke to Mehmet, to him of their second mistake. They then said that they would send me the other 72 candles and I should get them by Jan. 26, 2007, the day before the event. We re-confirmed the exact candles he was to send me. Today, Jan.26,2007, I received 72 incorrect candles. Now I have 72 proper candles ( not in the color I had ordered to begin with) and 72 short candles that don't match. I called back and spoke to Mehmet again, to tell them his mistake again and all he said was,"at least they are white." After all that I had been through, I was sure that he was going to credit me back for something, but when I asked, he put me on hold. He said that his manager, Andre, told him that he would credit me back $10.14, only because I had asked. The order total was $101.45. No apologies issued...it was a horrible experience and I do not want anyone put in this situation again.

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M Clagg


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