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Posted on Friday, January 26th, 2007 at 4:06pm CST by d590bc26

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To Whom it May Concern:

You are something else. After I talked to the customer service agent on the telephone for over 30 minutes, I was told that I would get a refund for one complete sweatshirt that was placed on back-order and then never shipped, plus a shipping refund of .84cents twice. I don't think a credit in the amount of $2.11 adds up the cost of the Black NBA Sweatshirt that was never shipped because you were out of stock. I ordered these items for a X-Mas present for my Son & my three Teenage Grandchildren. When I ordered the Four NBA Sweatshirts I was told that they would be delivered before X-Mas. The sweatshirt I had to re-order was delivered December 28th, 2006. (Three days after X-Mas) My original order less the black sweatshirt was delivered January 2nd, 2007. (Seven days after X-Mas) When it was all said and done, one sweatshirt that I had to re-order because the Black X-Large was placed on backorder was never delivered. Furthermore it was not on backorder, you just simply didn't have it, and notified me via email 4 days later and said it was not available. Trying to reach a customer service agent for the great Walmart is almost impossible. When I finally reached a customer service agent today January 26, 2007., she was rude and tried to cover up the entire issue of trying to solve my problem, and never did explain why my X-Mas order was not delivered on time for X-Mas. She also kept saying they were "T-Shirts" not "Sweatshirts" and was very rude each time I corrected her.

You would think a customer service representative would know the difference between a sweatshirt and a t-shirt. another thing that I don't understand why you ask for all the information such as a phone number, address, etc., etc., because according to your customer service agent you only use emails to notify the customer about a problem.. Why don't you just ask for an email address, because that is apparently the only contact you use with the customer. I could complain for hours about my complete dissatisfaction with this entire ordeal, but I will not. I was a K-Mart Store Manager for a long period of time, and if I would have treated my customers like I was treated, my District Manager would have fired me on the spot. I think I have no alternative at this point to contact the President of Walmart and let he or she know about my complete dissatisfaction of this order.Below is my bank credit card transactions for the sweatshirts.


800-966-6546 AR


800-966-6546 AR

A very dissatisfied customer,

D. Leo

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> Dear D. Leo Hall


> Thank you for shopping at Wal-Mart.


> We have issued a credit in the amount of $ 2.11

> for order #2677185897818 placed on 19 DEC 2006 10:29.


> If you paid by credit card or debit card, this credit should appear on

> your

> next credit card statement.


> If you paid with a Gift Card, the funds will be credited back to the Gift

> Card used in the original purchase.


> If you paid with Bill Me Later., this credit should appear on your next

> Bill Me Later statement.


> Help

> If you have any questions, contact one of our Customer

> Service Associates at COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_61679#


> Sincerely,


> Customer Service at




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Jason D., 2012-08-17, 07:50AM CDT

I have seen on my credit card statement where I'm being billed for an item which I have never purchased I would kindly ask that I be refunded. This is the what I am seeing on my statement

12/08/12 Debit USD 107.96 WALMART.COM 8009666546 BENTONVILLE US

If there is anything please clear it up for me.

Jason G. Douglas

Randy Bailey, 2012-11-22, 11:22PM CST

I still haven't recieved an answer as of today (07/26/2013) why this $24.11 was charged to my card. I have been told that patients is a virtue. But, this is to much to ask of anyone ...

(Randy Bailey, 2012-11-22, 11:22PM CST

This was a charge on my card from you today. Why is it on my card and what is it for?

11/22/2012 WALMART.COM 8009666546)


Purchase Date: 11/22/12 Category: Retail Stores Pending -$24.11

Umar S., 2013-07-26, 02:30AM CDT

I'm a disabled person in Australia some ####@###### in America hacked my Account spending over $420 in Walmart America my bank has been trying to contact Walmart about this Dispute well, can't things speed up how many months does it take, why take all the money a Disabled Pensioner has, I am trying to survive here, Bill Gates wouldn't notice if $100,000 disappeared from his account.. this is Horrendous the transaction was:

350160000880 WALMART.COM 8009666546BENTONVI

for: $423.56

on 24/07/2013 (maybe the 23/07/2013 for you in America)

If I spent that much on something in america imagine the postage cost, I hardly get that amount in a fortnight !?!?!?

Jerry S., 2013-07-27, 03:36PM CDT

Fraudulant Charge!!!!!!!!!!!

If this appears one of you credit cards or banking card its a fraudulent charge and you should call you creditor or bank immediately to dispute that charge. I Googled this and just saw where hundreds of been hit with this already!

Now I have to wonder when I use my credit cards at Walmart to make a purchase if Walmart my have some crooks employed there that are capturing your credit info as you swipe your card in their machine????

I have a WalMart Card but they some how got my bank card which I've never used any where but in person!!

Why are all these charge scams coming from this one place?? BENTONVILLE AR

Never been there nor do I know anyone there.


Umar S., 2013-07-28, 02:57AM CDT

That explains it Jerry,no doubt they're untraceable since its a consistent scam or a virus for taking your savings, I've been told by my Bank that it'll be up to 6-8 weeks till Walmart even responds to the Dispute (they get about 1000 of these per day) and are highly unlikely to respond to overseas banks, so then if they don't respond my bank will make another Dispute (another 6-8 weeks, the moneys gone some #X##@## is living well off poor peoples accounts

Paul K., 2014-01-30, 05:06PM CST

I will NEVER shop at Walmart again. The only time I do is in Virginia, when I visit my daughter and grandkids. Well I got up this morning and someone used my bank card and charged over $200 on but the charge was still pending. When I called the bank to alert them, they told me there was another charge on for over $400 that would post tonight. Thank God they stopped that, but I have to wait if this pending $200 charge will post or if they got it in time, drop off.

I think Walmart is a big scam company and uses people's card numbers to up their profits. Are they liable to pay any of these scam charges back or are the card issuers and banks losing out on this money?

I'm from New Jersey and I HATE walmart. It appears as though these scam charges have been going on for years and nobody does anything about them. Walmart is scum.

a6537cb7, 2014-12-12, 09:39AM CST

purchased a 48" Christmas tree skirt on 12/9 for $19.11 with free shipping. Never received confirmation of order being placed but my Discover card was charged as order being received. Please advise status of order. Thanks Donna Brooks

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