H & R Block RIP OFF

Posted on Friday, January 26th, 2007 at 3:33pm CST by 9263ff4d

Company: H & R Block RIP OFF

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Dear sirs

I am writing to inform others of the H & R block tax refund scam.

1st they tell you that you will receive a refund by direct deposit, debit card or some other way in 1 to 2 business days and charge a substantial fee for doing so the when you don't get it deposited they say the bank done it. well its their bank. anyway after not getting the refund they give you a number to call (a recording of course) and all it says is you will receive your refund in 8 to 15 days. well I could have done this myself online without paying someone $300+. they thrive on taking advantage of single women with children because the size of there refunds which is the category I fall into and was really depending on this money.


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b2ba681a, 2009-01-20, 03:42PM CST

I went to H & R Last year. They charged me entirely too much. I didn't get my refund for 22 days when they told me 8-15 days and that recording forget it! They charged me 230.00 to do my taxes and I didnt even get the rapid refund. My sister went the same day got rapid refund and they charged her less than what they did me. How is that possible? I will never go there again!! Rip offs for sure!!

aecb76ab, 2009-02-19, 10:27AM CST

I have experienced the same problem as this lady has. At the moment i am on hold with there Atlanta office for over an hour with some dumb music playing in my ear. This is most certainly a Rip Off. The emerald card is wothless as well.

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