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Posted on Friday, January 26th, 2007 at 10:39am CST by d9ab121a

Company: BellSouth landline

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I am a long time residential customer of BellSouth. 30 years. I received my landline bill in October 2005 with international calls to Austria with charges of $45.62. Since I did not make these calls and I do not use Sprint I called BellSouth on November 2 2005 to dispute the charges. Customer Service department told me I would have to talk to Sprint since that is where the charges originated. She connected me with Sprint and Bell South rep promptly disconnected from the call. Sprint advised me there was "no way" they could credit my BellSouth account since I did not have a Sprint account. Now, after 1 year and 2 months I get a late payment for these charges each month because I refuse to pay for calls that were incorrectly added to my account. I called Bell South today and the supervisor, Ms. Jackson suggested I send an email to COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_63999# . She told me there was "no way" she can help me because they do not have records from that far back and why have I waited this long. 1. I did not wait- I disputed charges immediately. 2. All telephone companies are required to keep records for many years back. I know, I work for a telephone company. She explained to me that they bill for many other companies and it was beyond her control if Sprint sent incorrect billing information to them. Now, don't you think if they are producing the bill that BellSouth would have some obligation to their customer to


Now, I have spent 2 hours of my time this morning working to have these charges removed and am not any closer to resolving the issue. I sent the email we will see how long it takes to get the issue resolved. I refuse to pay and plan to contact the Public Utilities Commission. I will follow this through till end of time...I will also keep you posted on the outcome.


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