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Company: ASKO

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ASKO is the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE organization for major appliances on this planet. ASKO is a four letter word.

Both our ASKO washer and ASKO dryer have been serviced multiple times; and the dryer continues to have serious problems.

Installed Jan 2004

Oct 11, 2005 washer stops working == Nov 1, 2005 Motor and Belt replaced.

Oct 11, 2005 dryer has no heat == Nov 1, 2005 Motor and Belt replaced.

Nov 30, 2005 washer starts to leak == Feb 16, 2006 Bellows replaced [NOTE: 2

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e2d71768, 2008-12-20, 01:56PM CST

ASKO is terrible. I bought a new dishwasher in 2006 and from day one it did not get the dishes fact, it coated them with an oily grease. I had three service calls. ASKO said it was my fault or that it was installed improperly. The installer came out and said everything was fine. After 9 months of getting a run-around, with ASKO making me change my detergent 5 times, changing the amount of detergent many times, saying I had "bad water" or "bad pipes" I finally insisted they take it out. My local dealer removed it and exchanged it for a nice Kitchen Aid of about the same price. The Kitchen Aid has worked beautifully for 2 years. If it had been "my fault," then how come the Kitchen Aid works perfectly? I was charged for installation of the Kitchen Aid. I asked ASKO for their installation fees back since their machine was nothing but a headache. They refused, and still insisted it was not their product, but my fault. NEVER BUY AN ASKO.

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