Hefty One Zip Freezer Bags

Posted on Thursday, January 25th, 2007 at 10:17am CST by 3667ff77

Company: Hefty One Zip Freezer Bags

Category: Other

I just purchased two boxes of Hefty One Zip Freezer bags...one gallon package and one quart package. WHAT A MISTAKE. These darn things don't come apart for you to put anything into them and if you force them apart, they don't zip sealed. I purchased these because there was a 20 cent coupon attached to each for 20 cents off now. I am in the middle of a huge freezing project and ran out of my usual Ziploc bags and had to run out for more...since these were a bit cheaper and had the coupon, I said what the heck, they should do fine. Boy, did I learn a lesson...so now I am out my money and have to run out again and get more freezer bags (Ziploc bags do work). I guess it doesn't pay to buy a cheaper brand, because you get what you pay for. I will now have to throw these bags into the garbage. I should have known better but I thought Hefty was just as good a name as Ziploc. DON'T waste your money on these bags..they are garbage. I have written the Pactiv Corp. for a refund on these two boxes even offering them my receipt, so I will have to wait and see IF they respond and WHAT their response will be. How can they list these awards on their package and also Ease of Use Commendation by Arthritis Foundation. Did these people ever actually try to USE this product? Or did they just give the awards based on visual aspects seeing the zipper idea? JUNK!!!! I am a senior citizen and must say, if these bags actually performed as they say they do, they would be good for senior citizens, but THEY DON'T open and THEY DON'T SEAL!


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8fcfab57, 2009-02-21, 06:30PM CST

I didn't even get anything on sale... or maybe it was on sale "after the fact." Either way, they don't work... it all looks great, you pump and pull the air out and it looks all compressed like it has actually sealed but five minutes later... poof... freezer burn. I won't be buying these again and am tempted to report to the Better Business Bureau. I work really hard for my money and even two dollars wasted is bad news if they keep allowing all these fly-by-nighters to sell their goods without bothering to TEST them first.

58672cde, 2009-07-27, 08:18AM CDT

I just bought a quart and gallon freezer bags and they don't stay zipped.You can zip them and then you look and there's gaps .I filled a gallon bag with fresh fish and put water in it and put into freezer and I looked the next day and there was water all over my freezer .Because the water leaked out. I have always used these bags and never had a problem with them until now.I think we should get a refund

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