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Office of the President

Telus Mobility

200 Consilium Place

Scarborough M1H 3J3

Cc Rob Durham, Senior Vice President Client Operations

Cc Sean Alexander @ Ext 2408 - Metropolitan Credit Adjusters Ltd.

My name is Daniel Harris and I have been a Telus Mobility customer

since December 2004. Apart from not receiving a cell phone signal in my

house, I found my Telus cell phone to be useful and productive. During

the first year and a half I did not have any issues with Telus'

customer service representatives until I received a bill for over

$1,000.00 in services for the month of August 2006. Curiously, Telus

stopped mailing detailed invoices/bills to my house just before the

shocking invoice. Telus' web site also did not display the breakdown of

incoming and outgoing calls for the August service. Now Metropolitan

Credit Adjusters Ltd. are calling my home and harassing me at my

workplace requesting money for an invoice for an outrageous amount that

I cannot confirm is warranted or justified, because Telus refuses to

send me a detailed bill. I am totally dissatisfied and very frustrated

with Telus' stonewalling in providing a simple invoice to fulfill a

request from a long-term customer.

During the beginning of September 2006, I contacted Telus' customer

service line to request a detailed invoice/bill that displayed all

incoming and outgoing calls because I did not receive a bill in the

mail and Telus' online web site only displayed an amount owing of over

$1,000.00 for August's services. All of my past invoices from Telus

Mobility, before August 6, 2006, had been outlined in an itemized

billing structure that allowed me to view a detailed analysis of my

mobile services. The customer service was helpful to some degree and

advised me that I had to pay $10-$20 for a new invoice to be printed

and mailed out. I made the point that I was not responsible for the

lost invoice and went on to explain that I was being more than generous

in agreeing to pay for a reprinted invoice. The customer service

representative assured me that the new invoice would arrive near the

end of September.

Near the end of September, Telus disconnected my mobile services

without warning and I was again compelled to call Telus' customer

service number. I explained to the customer service representative that

I was going through an unfortunate marital separation and that I needed

to see an invoice that outlined the incoming and outgoing calls for the

mobile services for the month of August. I understand that Telus

requires payment for their services, and Telus needs to understand that

I require a detailed invoice to justify their payment demands. The

customer representative understood that I was going through a

separation and that my self-employed contracts fluctuate my financial

situation. Telus' representative agreed that it was hard for me to

commit to a concrete payment plan for a bill that was over $1,000.00.

The customer representative then stated that I had to accept their

payment plan or I would not have my cell phone re-activated. To avoid

argument I agreed to Telus' payment plan, believing that I would

receive a detailed invoice as had been promised twice in one month.

On November 30th my phone was disconnected again and I had not received

any detailed invoices in the mail or a disconnection warning. Telus'

online site did not display the itemized billing that I requested back

in September. The first representative I spoke to was not the least bit

interested in my request for the detailed bill/invoice. I explained

that almost two months had passed and I had not received the detailed

invoice that I had twice requested. Clearly I am not paying for an

invoice that is not broken down in a detailed format, and it is Telus'

responsibility to justify their services and provide me with a detailed

bill. The conversation with the first representative was not going

anywhere and I requested to speak with a manager, due to the fact that

no one at Telus would listen to or follow through with my simple

request for an invoice. I was directed to Erika and was told that I

could not speak to a manager unless my reason was valid. Erika was

extremely rude and would not listen to my simple request which was to

mail me a detailed invoice that was the same as the invoices that were

sent prior to August 2006. Erika continuously accused me of not paying

my bills due to my financial situation and did not validate my reason

for holding back the entire payment. Exhausted from arguing, I

explained to Erika that as a customer of Telus I do not pay for

harassment, belligerence, and incompetence for not providing bills; I

pay for their professional services. I then requested to terminate my

Telus account immediately and Erika began to threaten collection action

on my account if I terminated the account. I am appalled by Telus'

despicable customer service tactics and attitude, and if the company

would record each customer service conversation, Telus executives would

realize the extent of the contempt in which their customers are held by

their employees.

Telus continues to charge me approximately $15.54 a month for late

payments, when the itemized bill should have arrived at my house at

least by the end of September 2006. If I had received the itemized

bill, I would have paid the outstanding balance to avoid any future

service disruptions. When Telus disconnects my phone without any notice

or warning beforehand, it is obvious that Telus intends to completely

ignore my simple request for an itemized bill, and bully me into

submission. As a customer of your company who signed a three year

contract, I naively expected to be treated honestly and fairly, but by

ignoring my two requests for a detailed invoice you have breached any

trust I may have had with the company. I am now wondering whether a

fraud has been committed with regard to my account, but I have no way

of knowing because I have been refused an itemized bill.

Within several minutes of searching for Telus Mobility customer service

problems, I came across numerous complaints regarding Telus’ inability

and unwillingness to handle simple problems in a professional manner.

These complaints would definitely arouse questions as to the competency

and honesty of Telus, and serve as a warning to the general public.

For the most part I do not have any problem paying Telus as soon as

they can provide me with a detailed invoice that displays all mobile

services for any incoming and outgoing calls for the month of August.

If I do not receive a detailed invoice outlining the incoming and

outgoing calls for the services given during the month of August 2006,

I see no reason why I should pay the bill amount of $1,060.80, which is

934% more than my average bill.

After canceling my account with Telus, I received a gift card in the

mail. Rob Durham, Senior Vice President Client Operations states, "Tis

the season, and what a better time to say thank you for being with us.

You're one of our best clients - and we value your business." Mr.

Durham concludes the card with, "We realize you have a choice and are

very glad you've chosen us. We're committed to earning your business by

providing you exceptional value, a superior network and a client care

team that's second to none."

I would like to speak with Mr. Durham directly and explain how rude,

ignorant, incompetent and belligerent his team of “customer service”

representatives are. Telus' customer representatives make me feel like

I am of no consequence as a customer and definitely not one of their

"best clients".

This entire situation with Telus has caused me distress, frustration,

has ultimately wasted my time and cost me money. I have been forced to

remove your unprofessional services and re-print my business office

stationery. Almost every client of mine has asked why my mobile phone

line has changed and I explain that Telus could not resolve simple

issues in a reasonable, competent and professional manner.

As a result of your unprofessional and questionable actions, I have

signed a mobile contract with Rogers Wireless. For some time now I have

been well satisfied with Rogers' customer service skills and their

cable and Internet services. Telus should seriously consider remodeling

their customer service operations with quality managers and strict

service guidelines. When your employees go out of their way to harass

and berate customers and when they refuse to provide a bill, which is a

basic necessity, then Telus has a real problem on its hands.

I will not recommend Telus to any of my family, friends, colleagues or

business partners; in fact I will make sure they hear of my experience

with Telus. It is very unfortunate that Telus cannot practice

professional customer service skills and consistent billing procedures

in order to resolve simple issues for a long term customer.

Daniel Harris

Toronto, Ontario


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754c9e50, 2008-02-10, 01:32AM CST


Your very well written letter in many ways mirrors my experience with Telus over the last year. Although I wasn't missing a statement I was very ill, bedridden and not taking care of business. I didn't even open my mail for many months. This was not good on my part and by the time I realized what was happening I tried to arrange to pay the overdue amount over a reasonable period of time.

Telus representatives treated me with distain and not one ounce of understanding or flexibility. The gave me an unreasonable payment schedule that was doomed to failure then cancelled my cell phone contract and charged me over $1200 for the cancellation. I am on a disability pension so unable to comply with this. They refused to even talk with me and now I must deal with a collection agency and on top of it all my credit is ruined for many years. I am disgusted, very angry and humiliated. I worry about where this is going to end up although I would like to see them in court.

30ccca08, 2008-09-22, 10:43PM CDT

Telus Mobility - What a nightmare! Not to be recommended to anyone!!

Tonight and without notice, I received a phone call from a Vancouver collection agency representing Telus mobility. I was informed that our mobility account was in arrears & we must pay immediately or suffer the consequence of an affected credit rating.

Having NEVER heard from Telus mobility prior to this point, I was absolutely shocked by the experience. I had always paid our Telus bills on time through internet banking.

Left little choice, I immediately paid the collection agency and subsequently phoned the Telus customer service number provided by the collection agency.

UNBELIEVABLE!! is the only polite word I can use to describe the experience with Telus. After being hung-up on twice for demanding an explanation, I finally reached "Lee" in the accounting group - who offered little explanation and ABSOLUTELY no empathy. I was told the money was owing and bills are to be paid every 30 days. Very perceptive Lee and a very simple policy - Of course, if I had been receiving the bills, they would have been paid!! Of course, Lee "hung-up" on me as well.

I can best describe Telus Customer Service as consistent - consistently bad!!!

61254f73, 2009-10-26, 07:07PM CDT

So this seems to be a tactic of Telus. I am trying to get an explanation or itemized bill for over $700.00 in charges. I have just received a rude call from a collection agency collecting on Telus's behalf. He said "Good luck getting Telus to talk to you they will just send you back here." Typical

3e22efcd, 2010-02-08, 07:52PM CST

The collection company has no contract with you. tell them to get stuffed, or prove they have a "wet-signed" contract of you owing them money. telus hired them as a third party interloper, they have no legal recourse, only telus. On top of that the bill, because of the "96" in the bottom left hand corer is already paid by your government bond you did not knew you's been stapled to your ass since you were born(its teh red number on most birth certificates) and it leads into CCC sec. 422 and the canadian charter and bill of rights as "security of a person".

Telus has to provide paperwork, it is contract law, they cannot provide you with a bill without itemized, it would not stand in a court of law. Always send your correspondence via register mail -then you know they got it.

d3c11dbb, 2010-09-10, 08:00AM CDT

i have been customer for almost 20 years

and then bc tel before that

mots of the clowns there do not even know who BC tel was

any way they are all on incentive payments type income. screw with a customer get your name on the happy telus company vacation list. Do not argue with a pig. you will both get covered in mud and know one will no which one is the pig.

The company buys 3rd world stuff and foits it on Canada get use to it

44b1808d, 2010-10-25, 02:05PM CDT

Good luck with all of you Telus endeavors.

I was put in a very similar situation by Telus where I was only receiving bills online - and I feel behind one month, and I was not allowed access to my online account until I paid them. Not knowing how much I owed, it was difficult to pay them. So, then they cut off my service - BUT CONTINUED TO CHARGE ME!

Finally, I was contacted by CBV Collections out of Edmonton about an unpaid Telus Bill. My contract with Telus had been for $35.00 a month, but the amount that CBV said Telus claimed that I owed them was now $700!!!

Telus would not provide me with the details of the bill, and CBV was threatening to damage my credit rating.


Is this not criminal?

I now have to sort this all out, consult lawyers, and ask that you please tell ANYONE AND EVERYONE you know to avoid Telus like the plague that they are!

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