frigidaire front loading washing machine

Posted on Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007 at 10:16pm CST by 2dc865fe

Company: frigidaire front loading washing machine

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Bought a year ago from Coastal Appliances in Vancouver, Canada.

The washer is very quiet during the wash but look out when it reaches the spin. It almost sounds like an earthquake in our laundry room. We had the serviceman come and check it out on 2 occasions. First one said it all looks fine. The second one said "aha I think I have found the problem. It is a screw jutting out that has been hitting the wall on the inside of the washer and now that I have fixed it, it should be fine. Well it is still thundering as it spins our laundry. I swear it is going to just fall apart on us. We were told by the sales clerk it was the top of the line washer at the time and sure cost enough. HELP!!!


00785c2c, 2008-08-17, 03:19PM CDT

The same thing happened to me, when they came to replace it the new delivery man discovered they did not remove the packing supports-after they were removed it was fine.

5e34a30b, 2010-04-07, 09:20PM CDT

We have a frigidaire gallery dryer purchased approximately 5 years ago.

Our clothes are all getting burn marks.

How have problems have been resolved. Is there a group lawsuit or how has your problem been resolved. Where your problems addressed.

Jo Ann

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