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Posted on Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007 at 10:38pm CST by 7e0fe83b

Company: SuperShuttle Los Angeles

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I wanted to warn airport-goers in Los Angeles to avoid using SuperShuttle to return from the airport. I have never had a problem with the company being picked up, but my last trip home was a disaster. I arrived late in the evening and got my luggage by 12:30 am when there were still plenty of shuttles. I had prepaid and made a reservation because I knew there would be fewer shuttles at this hour. (Although it was close to New Years day, which would bring in extra airport travelers). I went out to the center aisle to give the shuttle coordinator my reservation number. Let's just say that getting a shuttle to the mid-Wilshire area (a 20 minute drive from the airport with a tone of apartment buildings nearby) is not rocket science. The shuttle I was supposed to get on decided that it was going downtown instead with no passengers. After a solid hour of waiting, I was told my the coordinator to take a shuttle going to Beverly Hills. As I went to put my stuff in the van, the driver starts yelling at me to get away from the car and that he will not go to the mid-wilshire area. I had no idea why he was yelling, but it was the worst customer service I have ever seen. I ended up having to take a cab home.

I called SuperShuttle from the cab line and cancelled my reservation and filed my complaint. I request a discount on the fare that I had paid to the airport or, alternatively, the difference in the $45 cab ride versus the $22 shuttle. I never received a call from the complaint department. Sometimes companies make mistakes and I understand that, but they need to make sure the customer knows that they are working on fixing their incompetence and disciplining the drivers who have anger management issues and should not be operating a motor vehicle with other people's lives in their hands.

I have used PrimeTime Shuttle, SuperShuttle competitor, and have never experienced these types of problems. The point of the reservation is to reserve a shuttle at a specific time and not to watch a bunch of incompetence unfold before your eyes. I could have walked home in the same amount of time it would have taken Supershuttle to actually get me a shuttle.

To sum it up, SuperShuttle in Los Angeles is a ridiculously incompetent company with no understanding of customer service. Don't use them for your airport travels!


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