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Posted on Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007 at 11:51pm CST by 86e8ec38

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My name is Daisy V. Saputra

I have been a member of Mainstreet Savings for more than one year. The deal is exactly like with Simple Escapes: I pay $14.95 a month and I can order gift certificates with 20% discount. When I wanted to order some gift cards in January, I found out that my membership was cancelled. When I called them about it I was told that my credit card company declined the $14.95 membership fee payment on Jan. 8, which I cannot believe considering that the amount is so small (a larger charge than that went thru with no problem at all), and they have been doing it every month. I do not understand why Mainstreet did not contact me at all if there is indeed a problem (they have my address and tel. No.). When I said that I would like to renew and can have it charged to a different credit card (if there is really a problem with the card that I used to pay them), they told me to apply at I noticed that the conditions are different than the one that Mainstreet Savings offered. When I asked them to give me a proof that their charge was denied by my credit card company, they refused to do so. I suspect there is something fishy going on.


dfee1ce0, 2007-11-21, 12:23PM CST

Wow - the exact same thing happened to me...but I was paying my membership on an annual basis. My membership expired in August (I have to check my charge statements to see if I was charged) so I don't understand why they were sending a charge thru now in November. When I called asking if I could pay them with a different card, I was told to go to to enroll.

Yes, I think something is going on.

37b097ca, 2008-09-29, 06:58PM CDT

I've never heard of mainstreet savings until 20 mins ago when I noticed a $12.95 suspicious charge on one of my credit cards. There is an 800 number from them on my statement so I called them and they quickly offered to cancel this service and were reluctant to offer an explanation as to how and why I was charged this fee. I haven't used this credit card in several months so it is a mistery how they were able charge me but I definately think they have questionable practices going on.

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