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Posted on Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007 at 3:00pm CST by d2b97cb6

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I am writing you tell you of a bad experiance that i have had with my dental office. This Dental office is located in Tacoma, Wa and has very poor customer service and billing practices. I have been dealing with BRIGHT NOW DENTAL now for 4 months trying to get a detailed billing on what i was being charged for. All of my attempts failed until the forth phone call in which i was directed to the office manager and I had already been charged late fees. The office manager was not very helpful either though. I have since been trying to get in contact with the district manager but all attempts to her have failed as well. Now we are going to try and contact the Regional Manager. I just wanted all your readers to have some knowledge about this type of practice from BRIGHT NOW DENTAL. If you receive a bill make sure you investagate it. We have been battling with them for four months now and the amount of the bill keeps changing. It makes me wonder with all that has happened if i had not of questioned the bill would i have received a refund of the overpayment because of the adjustments they have made to my account. It is very critical that consumers get detailed billing of the services that they are being asked to pay for. If you do not receive detailed billing explaining the charges then contact the office that is doing the billing and question it. I would encourage people to never go to BRIGHT NOW DENTAL for the denistary needs. I am not sure if all office practice the same billing techniques, but if they do don't pay it until you know what you are paying for.

This office that i am speaking of is located at :

Bright Now! Dental - Tacoma

4545 South Union Avenue

Tacoma, WA 98409

(253) 475-7500

This has been one of the worst customer service experiances i have every had. They say they will send you what you need and then they don't.


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