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Company: ASHLEY FURNITURE - Fridley - MN

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My husband and I have experienced the worst customer service EVER with Ashley furniture. I now tell every single person I know to NEVER buy from them. It is amazing that they are even still allowed to sell furniture and haven't been sued.

Here is our experience:

In October my husband and I bought a couch, loveseat and ottoman. They arrived at the end of October and all was fine for a couple of weeks until one of the buttons on the loveseat suddenly popped off. We were unsettled by this because the button holds the cushion together and with the button gone the couch looks deformed. Being that we had only had the couches a month we went into the Ashley store and had the rudest interaction possible with an assistant manager. She basically told us " sometimes things are defective - deal with it". So, we called the 1-800 number and a month later someone was out to fix it. During this time however another button popped off of the other couch.

So a month later the buttons have both been fixed and we were thinking that it must have just been a fluke. WRONG. This past weekend my husband and I were watching a movie and all of a sudden the reclining foot rest snapped and broke. The screw that holds everything together was completely severed. We tried to fix it but it is broken so badly that the foot rest will not even close. The couch just looks horribly lopsided and it is so embarrassing that it no longer shuts. On top of all of this we are in the process of selling our house and it looks terrible having broken furniture.

By this point we realized that the furniture was obviously defective and needs to be replaced. Ashley however cannot help you in any way. They hide behind their 1-800 policy and even if your couch completely falls apart….they don't have to deal with you. I can understand that sometimes things happen but my problem is STAND BEHIND YOUR PRODUCT. It is disappointing that when buying new furniture should be fun it is a headache instead.

I will continue to tell everyone I know to never go to Ashley and I will do the same.




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