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Posted on Monday, January 22nd, 2007 at 11:14am CST by 9c585a64

Company: Sofa Express

Category: Furniture

My girlfriend purchased a couch from Sofa Express in Columbus Ohio for around $700, including the stainmaster coating, in May of 2005. For nearly a year, the couch sat, hardly used, in a very clean apartment with no pets. After we had moved in together approximately a year later, I noticed that the cushions were already tearing apart at the seams, and the couch looked very faded and dirty. This couch has been meticulously cared for, and it is unacceptable for me that it looks the way it does. Do to our move, I did not have a chance to call customer service until about a month after my 1 year warranty expired. I was told that a technician would come out to take a look at the couch to determine if it is defective. After noticing the discoloration and splitting at the seams, the technician took pictures and said he'd be in touch. Months have gone by and none of my phone calls have been returned.

Today, 1/22/07, I have finally spoken with a customer service representative who told me that the technician indeed noted the splitting of the cushions, but because warranty was up, any repairs would be at my charge. When I asked to speak to a manger, I was refused, and told that nothing could be done. I asked to leave a voice mail for the manager, and was hung up on. I have since called back and left a message, which I am quite sure will not be responded to.

I would like to persuade anyone who is contemplating the purchase of new

furniture to save themselves a lot of headaches. Purchase your furniture

somewhere else. These people do not care about there customers, and from

what I can see from other complaints, have an inferior product line. I think what amazes me most is that we are a young couple with a brand new house that we are in the process of furnishing, and I will never purchase another piece of furniture from Sofa Express again....And it doesn't bother them.



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