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Posted on Monday, January 22nd, 2007 at 7:02am CST by 8502e73c

Company: HSN

Category: Stores, Shopping

I've been a customer of HSN for many years and finally got sick of putting up with all the false advertising, bad shipping, poor products and other bad business practices of this company and asked them recently to close my account. I've lost so much money with them that I can only blame myself as to why I kept trusting them.

I initially felt they were trustworthy when I saw they had a similar comment posting system like Amazon where you could post your experiences with a product. After keeping an eye on my posted comments after receiving some rather nasty products from HSN and wanting to know what others felt...I noticed they erased many of the negatives and even went so far as to take a product off their site...relist as though it were brand new and all comments were gone. It really made me angry they were duping people this way. I especially noticed it on perishable food items sold around holidays, particularly Bartons Chocolates and Silvestri chocolate pretzels and food items..as if they knew keeping negatives off the product page would result in many more sales. I complained..nothing happened..and more of my comments (and other peoples!) were erased. I posted within their guidelines but TOLD THE TRUTH about the inferior quality and false advertising of these items but most of my (negative) comments were erased..some not even posted. I've also been sent wrong items, having to pay shipping back to get it switched for the right one. I've received MANY damaged items (from awful packaging) and poor quality products only to LOSE SHIPPING trying to get a refund or an exchange. In "my opinion" MANY items were misrepresented resulting in my loss of money, time and causing great aggravation on my part. Misrepresentation is my greatest complaint and it's nothing short of DECEIT to make money by listing something as far superior than what it really was. Their TV show was even worse...showing these products accomplish tasks or work better than they EVER did in person. I'm quite confident I joint a large list of people who feel the same way on this as I've read about it over and over. I no longer have trust in this company and will continue to tell my story to anyone who will listen so they won't be duped as I was.

Mrs. H.


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de1b01cf, 2009-01-07, 10:52PM CST

I have to say you are correct. I was shoppping for a computer and read all the reviews, in particular the Gateway. It had several bad reviews about missing software and getting the run around and then puff, a few days later the negative reviews were gone. The same goes for sewing machines. I wouldn't trust them . It's not worth the hassle. At least on Amazon, the reviews stay and do not mysteriously disappear.

671289cc, 2009-02-09, 10:56PM CST

I am fed up with HSN also. I purcased ABCOASTER on a supposed flex pay promotion day. Ofm course when I got my charge card statement it was charged the whole amount. I was told there was no way to reverse it and correct the charge to a flex pay option.

de89f50b, 2009-07-28, 10:44PM CDT

I am a 33 year old single mother of three children and was interested in buying a computer for my kids so they are not so bored at home. I liked the fact that I would be able to pay for it in four payments of $199. I called HSN a few minutes after I placed my ordered just to make sure I was not charged the full amount of $799 for that defeats the purpose, rite? So they said yes everything is fine and you are all set, good! I thought. I went shopping that night at the grocery store and filled up my cart and went to the cashier to pay and find out that my debit card has insufficient funds. I called my bank and they tell me that HSN charged my card not for $199 plus shipping of $26.85 as we discussed, but for $1026.85 which made no since since the computer was only $799 so an additional $226.85 and now HSN tells me it takes 3 to 5 business days to get my money back. To make things worse I get an email from HSN telling me that they cancelled my order completely. Thanks allot HSN!!!! For the embarrassment of having a full cart of food and ten people behind just to find out that Im broke. Customer satisfaction my @ss!!

3ecfe8f4, 2009-12-05, 10:10PM CST

I had problems with a online shipment from HSN. Because of a shipping error they will not refund my money or take care of a problem which was totally there fault. I spoke with a supervisor in customer service and he would not settle my compliant over the phone. I have been a long standing customer of HSN. I will never order from them again. They lost a customer over $51.00 dollars. You would think a company as big as HSN would make it right!!! I

would not recommend them to anyone.

3cead323, 2010-09-02, 12:46AM CDT

I was put off by Hsn soon after my 1st order. (Not to mention they sent me a 15% off coupon for signing up with them and then wouldn't let me use it lol) I ordered a 14k gold key necklace. I wore it 4 times maybe and got it home a week and a half ago. I noticed today when I got home from work that it was gone off my neck!! Then I remembered the clasp was a little loose. I instantly knew it fell off because of a cheap clasp. My bf said I should call and tell them what happened. He said "they've got to offer something" I thought yeah they probably will. I mean even though there's no proof on my part, its just the obvious thing to do. I called and the rep. Acted totally blah and said nope never heard anything like that happen before. Ok? At least act like you care! Come on! What kind of customer service is this? God, at least offer me a % off a new necklace. The Ugg company refunded me a pair of Uggs that fell apart after 2 years! That's what I call customer service! It will be a cold day in hell before hsn sees a dime from me ever again!

Lucia V., 2013-02-14, 08:16AM CST

All of you are correct in that HSN is definitely the Deceptive Trade Practics Act along with the undesirable customer service. I, too, was told that I had a 30% return and then HSN permanently closed my account. Today, February 14, 2013 I tried to purchase an exclusive product that is sold only at HSN and was told my account could not be reinstated. I am writing a letter to the manufacturing company of the product and advising them of my disappointment with HSN and they should consider pulling their products from HSN. Bad HSN and then worst HSN. So deceiving and liars!

a9585ece, 2013-08-10, 07:16AM CDT

I have a very similar story as yours! I only wished I came across your story first before placing my order! I originally purchased a tv from them. Upon receiving it was damaged. So i had it sent back and waited for my replacement. A couple days after sending back I decided I no longer wanted this order fulfilled. I wanted to cancel it all together. I didn't want a replacement/exchange, just my refund. Well for some reason, when I called to check status of the order so I can cancel it, I was told so many Bulls*** as to nothing can be done because updates on their system hasn't been updated and nothing is showing on my account. They were waiting for vendor to update their system first so they can see exactly where about the order was at in the process. Toile a long aggravating story short, I was unable to cancel that replacement shipment even tho at the time I had called to cancel, it was not already packaged but still sitting in the warehouse! Now I'm expected to receive a product I no longer want and pay for the return shipping because I don't plan on keeping the tv. Just a waste of time and effort for me. Never will I buy anything from HSN again. Their shady customer service and order processing methods are all a big scam to get your money one way or the other. Very disappointing service I received this time in the years I been a loyal customer. No longer do I support HSN and their poor business tactics. It's a shame.

888ff44a, 2013-09-19, 02:03PM CDT

I've been a customer of HSN for many years and finally got sick of putting up with all the false advertising, bad shipping, poor products and other bad business practices of this company and asked them recently to close my account. I've lost so much money with them that I can only blame myself as to why I kept trusting them.

I got the LG (Tracfone)one year ago the phone stopped working so I called Tracfone, and was told because I didn't get the extended warranty the could help with the phone I need to buy a new one and they would transfer the number and minutes to the new phone. So I called HSN, and was told to buy another phone, remember I paid over $200.00 dollars for the phone. Two hundred dollars is a lot of money for me, because I'm on a fixed income. I was told they could not help me. Do not buy a phone from HSN.

69f35bcb, 2014-12-17, 07:56PM CST


Purchased Christmas projection lighting and it wasn't delivered when it was suppose to be . I was told ok it will be delivered 12-15-2014 didn't show up then told it would come 12-16-14 didn't come then told 12-17-14 now told 12-23-14 It was suppose to be lighting for outside. Now no lights were hung it was going to make it easy lighting lighting with the projector. HSN doesn't care about giving customer service they just say oh sorry you can send it back

62c71f17, 2015-09-25, 06:16PM CDT

I purchased several items, and was told that shipping to me was free, it was. But, when I returned items I was charged for the return shipping. I was not told that with returns I would have to pay the shipping. Not satisfied with HSN for not telling me this up front. I called them and was told I had to pay it. And even on my credit card statement, some return credits were less than the original charges to my account because of these shipping charges. They did not even explain why I was given credit of less then what I should have received. I did not find this out until I called them after receiving my credit card statement. I am very unhappy that HSN was not open and honest about their return policy, I thought that honesty was the best policy. I do not think that I will order any more items from HSN.

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